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Monday, 22 March 2010


The other day my aunt came down with her family..
And i missed my Down With Love..
Coz my aunt emo me when i said i wana watch tv..
And my cousin sticks to me like super glue..
Damn cute lor..
This is Jessica..
She's gonna be 9soon,
and yet she looks like she's 7..
Size damn small but is a prefect..
Even her teacher mistook her for a kindergardener..
She emo cz her mom doesn't wants to let her go
to the park behind my house..
They reached on Fri night and left on Sat night..
Damn turn off..

Went for undang yesterday..
Was kinda fun..
I think i might be one of the 3 ppl in the
world that says its fun..
The other two would be my siblings..
We had a nice lecturer/instructer or whatever u call that..
And after the undang we were supposed to play volleyball,
but it rained like crazy..
But since joyce + joycelin wants to play in the rain,
me Jas + my bro was ok with it so we continued..
While Mandy ffk-ed me and Karmen went home with her sis + frens..

We went for ice cream @ 7-11 while it was raining..
That is Jas' car..
Can you see how big is the parking space?
We were disputing in the car whether her car
is in that box..
When she came down from the car she was laughing like siao..
So we came out and saw that ^ ..
It looks like there was another parking space there..

That is Jas + Me + her shoe..
I was wearing her shoe coz mine was soaking wet..
My socks were like drowning or something..
And i had to put newspaper and stuff on the seat..
Coz don't wanna wet her car..

Subway @ Ss2..
See her hiao face..
At first when i wana take she hid her face..
No we did not go home and bath or change..
Coz she had to tapao for her parents and
if she goes home to change she cant come out..
So she forced us to go for dinner first while soaking(in worm juice)
While we were playing, Joycelin stepped on a long,fat,juicy worm
and started screaming..
Soon everyone was screaming (esp Jas)..
We were so geli-fied by those worms..
No one but alot alot alot alot of worms..
Coz the grass was like flooded so it came crawling(?) up the court..
And ever since the first worm was "found" everyone
started freaking out once they step on a leaf or twig..
From playing volleyball it become killing worms,
and planning how to escape..
It was funny as hell when Jas starts screaming..
Before the game actually started,
i fell..
Coz of my brother's mouth..
He said "Later someone sure will fall"..
I asked him to shut up, and once i said that i fell,on my back..
And my back is hurting (am i 20 or 80?)..
So i was the first one to get soaked..
But it was seriously fun..
Its been like forever since i played rain..
Laughed like crazy..
My other friend spied on me from her house,
and she msg-ed me to tell me that..
Crazy fella..

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