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Friday, 5 March 2010

You know you've been in Malaysia too long when...

1. You've got a variety of lah, mah, meh, lor etc,
in your vocabulary and use them constantly..

2. You pop in a shopping mall just because
''they have aircon in there''..

3. You're outraged when they increase the price of petrol
from RM1.40 to RM1.50 (~EUR0.33)..

4. You always have a packet of Premier tissues on you..

5. You forgot why piracy is supposed to be bad
when it's apparent how good it is..

6. You don't care about red lights any more.

7. and then you ask 'Can you help me?'
when a police officer approaches you..

8. Your local friends complain they can't get any
pork at their university and you fully understand..

9. You moan about when Roti Canai comes for
RM0.60 when it used to be just RM0.50..

10. You no longer believe that
“tall, DARK and handsome” is a collocation..

11. You know what it means when a tin can is on top of a car..

12. You find driving on the wrong side
of the road in the face of incoming traffic nothing special..

13. There are more lanes of cars than there are actual car lanes,
and you are one of the people, happily driving in the emergency lane..

14. You think there's nothing wrong with putting chili sauce on everything you eat..

15. Durian and belachan no longer stink to you..

16. You find roti for breakfast amazing..

17. You automatically take money out of your wallet
to hand over when you're pulled over by a policeman..

18. You're surprised when bouncers ID you..

19. You're not surprised when your passport photocopy works as an ID..

20. You talk about "pollution days" when your friends talk about "snow days"..

21. You can tell the time of day by counting how many times it has rained so far..

22. Monsoons? unusual? never..

23. You've forgotten what a clear sky looks like..

24. You have a supply of breathing masks inside your store room.
Damn those indonesians!

25. You find yourself in foreign countries asking for 100+
and are shocked when you can't get it.
then experience severe withdrawal symptoms..

26. You get to hong kong and are amazed at the 'clean air' ..

27. An entire road that only sells foot massages
no longer seems strange to you

28. A train taking 14 hours to travel 400km no longer seems strange to you..

29. You no longer get the 1RM and 50RM notes mixed up,
and therefore stop accidentily giving people rather hefty tips

30. You have actually seen the mysterious RM2 note..

31. You can actually find your way around Sungei Wang Plaza,
and when you turn a corner it doesn't just look
the same as where you had just come from

32. You actually like that green coconut paste
that finds its way into various food-stuffs..

33. You have worked out the position of every ladyboy in KL,
and can weave around them seamlessly without ever hearing
"Hello, handsome man. You want boom-boom?"..

34. Malaysian bread no longer tastes strange..

35. A traffic jam where every car is pointing in a
different direction no longer seems strange to you..

36. No longer bothers with zebra crossings,
even at busy highways

37. Purple balls hanging from a 5 story christmas tree no longer look unusual..

38. Gardenia tastes "so good, you can even eat it on its own"..

39. You say "I'm on my way" and really mean
"I'm just getting into the shower."
Upon arriving 20 minutes late, you blame it on the traffic..

40. In public bathrooms, the squatty toilets actually
are more appealing to you than the western ones..

41. You double your words to explain something...
ie. "ahh you talk-talk so much wan"..

42. It is just 11:30 p.m and the Taxi driver thinks you are high
and wants to charge you for midnight charge..

43. You make LOUD smooching sound to get
waiter's attention at a mamak restaurant..

44. You roll up your pant legs before you go into a public toilet..

source : Facebook

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