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Friday, 30 April 2010

3years later..


Look at the differences..

Yesterday ate some cacated curry me
and ended up at the clinic..
Went home at 3something..
Ate the med and slept at around 4..
Parents went to Kedah..
Will be back on Sun night i think..
And next week we will all go down to Johor..
Most probably leaving on thurs night..
Been such a long time since i went..
And my cousins are complaining..
Keep asking me to go Johor..
And i am soooo happy to be going over there..
my colleague is working til 15th May..
mrs boss keeps pestering her coz mrs boss'll be going outstation..
So she'll be staying for extra 15 day..
Pray can find someone before my colleague leaves..

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Had a blast last night..
Left work one hour early..
Think my boss is nice?
No..He's an ass and she is a bitch..
Anyways dont talk about that..
Recently i damn lazy to blog...
Went to Gardens @ Curve..
Then went to Library..
Reached home at 12++
Then i nose bleed...
Too excited d..
Kisiao nose bleed non stop ok..
Myb coz too heaty d..

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


i am horrified of worms and lizards..
and yet..
my stupid colleague left a cup of milo in the office..
a lizard has crawled inside and soaking/resting..
It could be dead for all i noe..
but i am so freaking disgusted of it ok..
she came back to work yesterday and today she's on MC AGAIN!
can you see the white button?
i have to press that to open the electric door..
i am so afraid that it might jump up on me..
so i walk all the way to the door to open it..
And next week onwards i will be working alone...

luckily didn't jump on me..

no its not dead wtf..
its swimming/trying to get away..

Friday, 23 April 2010

This few days seriously busy til can die..

Thursday, 22 April 2010


my colleague wont be in till next week..

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Rondom.. =D

Those are from cny..
It's been 2months..

have you ever been so damn freaking pissed that you got gastric?
I have..
Last night..
Coz of one stupid bitch..
seriously cannot tahan..
Feel like shouting at her face..
I wana talk to someone..
Someone, pls listen to me rant..
Everyone seem so busy these days..
*blood splattering everywhere*
And my colleague took leave for 3days..
She will be coming back tomorrow..
So for the past few days i've been busy like siao..
And we have numb skulled customers,
stupid contractors, arrogant people,
some who don't understand human language..
I even spoke cantonese to the indian lady on the phone..
Didn't even have time to pee..
Imagine this..
You're on the phone with a customer,
We have 2phone line and one hand phone to make phone calls..
So imagine this..
You're busy typing issuing invoice,
on the phone with one customer (hp),
another phone rings,
then another phone rings (WTF),
then someone is at the door,
since the electric lock is on you have to unlock it for him..
Seriously can kisiao..

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Finally got myself a pendrive..
(actually there's no main purpose. LOL)
Just to save some pics..
I got 4Gb..
For Rm31..
From Kingston..
5years warranty..
orange colour..

Friday, 16 April 2010

I bumped my knee on the coffee table last night..
And now its hurting..
How did that happen?
By jumping off the chair..

I feel like buying :-
1. hoddies/jacket
2. cap
3. shoe
4. bag
5. Polo T
6. Jeans
(coz i accidentally tore mine coz of the stupid air-cond,
i still hvn sew it but am wearing it..
i'm that lazy.. haha..)

I'm becoming a shopaholic..
I think i have the most pair of shoes in my house..
And Vanz just opened a new branch in 1U..
The one i bought at Times Square is a fake..
I didn't know that..
No wonder so cheap la..
The ori one is like Rm189 per pair..
Wonder when will i afford one..
Might get one is there's like 60% discount la..

My bro and cousin are really crazy..
They spent the past week learning dances from SS501..
And he's a faster learner..
Coz he can dance the whole chorus part without looking at the video..
When he was a kid he copied the whole
"Oops I Did It Again" dance from Britney
and got first prize for imitating the dance at one competition
@ Jusco when it was 2001 or was it 2000..

And my hands feel so rough wtf..
and my face got so many pimples popping out..
What products to use?????

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Oh My Baby Angela..

I only knew who Angelababy was
after i watched All Well Ends Well 2010..
She was so so so so damn cute..
I totally love her lips..
The first thing i look at when looking at someone,
is their eye..
Second is their lips..
I like those lips in Japanese cartoon..
Something that looks like a "M"..
Weird i know..
But i found out that Angelababy went for plastic surgery..
So i went and find my best friend, Google..
And i found the 'before' photos..


Looks like she really need that surgery..
But at least the surgery was successful..
She looks super cute/pretty now..
Looks like plastic surgery can save lives..
But i still think she's cute..
Not gonna hate her..
And William Chan is her bf..

He's a singer from Hk..
Look at his chunted body..

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I read alot of stories about not handing up homework
and giving excuses such as "my dog ate my homework"
i remember that there was once,
i found my moral exercise book in the washing machine..
I thought it wasn't mine until i saw the nice ugly handwriting..
I wondered if my teacher believed my excuse when i
tell her the next day and why i didn't bring it to sch to show her..

You know the bottom part where u charge your phone?
the same part where you plug in the ear phone/usb?
I mean for Sony phones..
Sony phones use the same hole for charging,ear phone,usb..
I never knew that it can be changed..
I bought a new ear phone for my Sony..
It was kinda loose so i went back to change it..
Manatau the prob is the holder or whatever you call that..
I was so surprised that it can be changed.. LOL..
And changing one small part costs me Rm40..
Ear phone also cost me Rm40..
Ever since i bought my phone,
i lost count of how many ear phone have i bought..
I always spoil my ear phone..
Don't matter if its ori or pasar malam stuff..
It will still spoil..
I think the amout of money i spent on the earphone
is enough for me to buy a new phone..

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


You know how much i FUCKING HATE
those foreigners that are working around my housing area..
They act like they've never seen girls before..
seriously damn men-cb-kan..
and that fucking indian fella..
If you cannot control yourself go home and cut ur dick off la..
It's not that i wanna be racist or what fuck..
(i'm not racist, really.. i'm just sexist)
but they are the ones who act like some pariah who
have never seen girls before..
Is it your fucking problem if the girl has nice curves?
What does it gotta do with you if she dress up sexily?
Is it her fault if she is bustier than other girls?
This is the kind of people who commits rape..
Mother fucking chao hai..
Hope your dick fucking rot and drop off!!

On a brighter note,
my boss's friend is such a nice guy..
And he bought food for me..
and cendol..
I wanted to cut down on sweet stuff..

Monday, 12 April 2010


I wonder how can anyone be SOOOO disgusting,
annoying, lame, shit-faced, act smart, stupid, lazy and
make you feel like slapping the face
everytime she says something..

my bro finally passed his undang test..
after 3times..
Myb its bcoz i said if he passed i will get him a
Spongebob Squarepants colouring book..

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Yesterday Jackie,May Yan,
Yoke Cheng and Mandy came over to my house..
It's been a loooonnnngg time since i laughed til i cry..
Last night was seriously damn funny..
We (mostly me) made fun of May Yan till all of us are in tears..

Friday, 9 April 2010

Concept Bikes

can kisiao..
i love motorbikes..
those big types not kapchai ok..
but i'm kinda afraid to ride in one.. LOL

Kim Kyu Joong
(my fave guy)
Park Jun Ming

Heo Young Saeng
the longer i look at him,
the cuter he is.. LOL

Kim Hyung Joon

Kim Hyu Joong
the guy from Boys Over Flowers..

If you're wondering who i am posting about them,
its because my sis is so damn obssesed with them
especially Hyu Joong..
And yesterday my brother & cousin was
trying to imitate their dance..
But of course failed miserably la..
He kept repeating the songs over and over again..

Thursday, 8 April 2010


"I cry myself to sleep because it's the only thing I can do right,
I avoid you because I would rather be alone,

I dress in black so I can be invisible at night,
I stay out late to avoid the fights that go on at home,

I remain misunderstood because no one wants to understand me,
I play my music loud so no one can hear me cry,

I rebel because no one will let things be,
I make a scene so you will notice if I die,

I cut my wrists so I know I'm not numb,
I sleep in late because I'm afraid of the day,

I don't try because everyone just assumes I'm dumb,
I don't talk because I have nothing to say,

I guess I don't need to be understood, I’ll be alright,
I just needs you to leave me alone!

Or I might just crumble out her in the dark
engulfed in my own darkness."

Sometimes i think i enjoy doing immature things more than i am supposed to..
I still love colouring, stickers, ice-cream,lolipop,
watching cartoon, spinning on computer chair.. LOL

and more..

And i finally opened an account..
and its orange in colour..
So nice..
Btw that is not my hand..
its from

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Sunday, 04/04/2010..
Took my undang test and passed..
Rewarded myself with an expensive ice-cream..
I finally know where TBS is located at..
Went home,
then went to 1U to take my "SHERO"..

I took the second version..
The one with their mini concert @ Taiwan for their previous album..
Their new songs seriously nice lor..
i still haven't get the title yet..
Coz chinese words ma..
Can't really remember which track is which..
not saying their songs are nice bcoz i like them..
then i went and got my haircut..
Its only been 2-3months and was long like grass..
Now its freaking short..
Everyone got shocked (even me)..
Thanks to the hairstylist who didn't understand me..
But its ok.. I like it anyways..
And i bought another pair of slip-ons..
Damn happy lor.. Hahahahaha..
It's brown..
So nice..
So happy..
= D XD =)

Before i went and cut my hair,
there was this Nestle event downstairs,
my mom called my sis and asked us to go down..
After the paper was completely stamped,
we will get a goody bag.. LOL

I wasn't excited about that at all..
Was emo coz it was freaking hot and i haven't cut my hair..
But once i saw there's ice-cream,
i got all excited..
the guy gave me the ice-cream for kids..

And when i saw the mascots i got excited
more than i should be..
I was like the only non-kid who wanted to take pics with them..

Mat Kool, Mat Kool kawanku,
Mari kita ikut Mat Kool,
Main-main, selalu,
Syoknya-syoknya ada Mat Kool..
The song sounds so pervertic now..
Like peadophile..
I always sing this song when i was a kid..

That was before i cut my hair..
Damn long d..

This is Chef Muluk..
He's a really cool guy..
Funny as hell (if u und bm la)..
Went home at 6plus(?)..

Then went dinner with Jaslyn Khew @
MingTien then went to pasar malam..

Then went to my house to play pop pop..
50boxes finished in about an hour..

We bought colouring book..
and she poke my mouth when i tried to take a pic..

This is how short my hair is..
kisiao short ok..

The fella didnt style like this la..
I was too lazy..


Friday, 2 April 2010


Might go and cut my hair by this weekend..
Still not sure yet..
Coz i can't decide on whether i should cut it all short
or leave the back long..
I think after i cut my hair,
i'll have to start thinking how my next hair cut should be like
instead of figuring it out when i wanna cut..

Btw i watched Jennifer's Body last night..
(edit : with my parents..Wtf.. damn awkward..
Coz there's sex scene and lesbian kiss LOL)
I gotta admit Megan Fox is really gorgeous..
Used to think that she's just a girl with a hot bod..
Her looks is really wow too..

If i hadn't cut my hair by this week,
how should i cut it / style it?

(hair, not face or snake LOL)


4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. (look at the style not colour,tq.)
10. 11. 12. 13. (the one in white, and pls dont mind the expression) 14. (again, the hair, not colour) 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.