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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I read alot of stories about not handing up homework
and giving excuses such as "my dog ate my homework"
i remember that there was once,
i found my moral exercise book in the washing machine..
I thought it wasn't mine until i saw the nice ugly handwriting..
I wondered if my teacher believed my excuse when i
tell her the next day and why i didn't bring it to sch to show her..

You know the bottom part where u charge your phone?
the same part where you plug in the ear phone/usb?
I mean for Sony phones..
Sony phones use the same hole for charging,ear phone,usb..
I never knew that it can be changed..
I bought a new ear phone for my Sony..
It was kinda loose so i went back to change it..
Manatau the prob is the holder or whatever you call that..
I was so surprised that it can be changed.. LOL..
And changing one small part costs me Rm40..
Ear phone also cost me Rm40..
Ever since i bought my phone,
i lost count of how many ear phone have i bought..
I always spoil my ear phone..
Don't matter if its ori or pasar malam stuff..
It will still spoil..
I think the amout of money i spent on the earphone
is enough for me to buy a new phone..

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