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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


You know how much i FUCKING HATE
those foreigners that are working around my housing area..
They act like they've never seen girls before..
seriously damn men-cb-kan..
and that fucking indian fella..
If you cannot control yourself go home and cut ur dick off la..
It's not that i wanna be racist or what fuck..
(i'm not racist, really.. i'm just sexist)
but they are the ones who act like some pariah who
have never seen girls before..
Is it your fucking problem if the girl has nice curves?
What does it gotta do with you if she dress up sexily?
Is it her fault if she is bustier than other girls?
This is the kind of people who commits rape..
Mother fucking chao hai..
Hope your dick fucking rot and drop off!!

On a brighter note,
my boss's friend is such a nice guy..
And he bought food for me..
and cendol..
I wanted to cut down on sweet stuff..

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