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Friday, 9 April 2010

Concept Bikes

can kisiao..
i love motorbikes..
those big types not kapchai ok..
but i'm kinda afraid to ride in one.. LOL

Kim Kyu Joong
(my fave guy)
Park Jun Ming

Heo Young Saeng
the longer i look at him,
the cuter he is.. LOL

Kim Hyung Joon

Kim Hyu Joong
the guy from Boys Over Flowers..

If you're wondering who i am posting about them,
its because my sis is so damn obssesed with them
especially Hyu Joong..
And yesterday my brother & cousin was
trying to imitate their dance..
But of course failed miserably la..
He kept repeating the songs over and over again..

1 comment:

Park Ha Rin said...

Annyeong ~
nice entry !
btw ,
I Like Kim Hyung Jun ^^
Don't Forget to visit my blog ^^