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Thursday, 1 April 2010


If i was gonna buy a dog,
i would only buy a mixed breed of Poodle+Maltese..
What do you call a mix breed of Poodle + Maltese?
Poodle + Maltese = Poose..
Anyways, they're so adorable..

Look at the innocent puppy eyes..
So so so adorable lor ok..
I heart Poose..

Yesterday my colleague saw a pic that my fren edited..
Then she said there's this site -
So i went and edited a few photos..
These are the 3 that i like most..

I was too damn free and had nothing to do,
so i spent the whole day doing that..
There's more in my comp..

Planning to cut my hair..
I know it hasn't been 6months..
But it's like really long now..
And you know la Malaysian weather hot like siao..
Seriously cannot tahan..
Must ask the stylist to cut it shorter + thinner..
Coz this time the fella cut not short enough..
Feel like going back to A-Saloon to have my hair cut..
I shall post up "some" pictures soon,
so that i can have some opinion..

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