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Friday, 16 April 2010

I bumped my knee on the coffee table last night..
And now its hurting..
How did that happen?
By jumping off the chair..

I feel like buying :-
1. hoddies/jacket
2. cap
3. shoe
4. bag
5. Polo T
6. Jeans
(coz i accidentally tore mine coz of the stupid air-cond,
i still hvn sew it but am wearing it..
i'm that lazy.. haha..)

I'm becoming a shopaholic..
I think i have the most pair of shoes in my house..
And Vanz just opened a new branch in 1U..
The one i bought at Times Square is a fake..
I didn't know that..
No wonder so cheap la..
The ori one is like Rm189 per pair..
Wonder when will i afford one..
Might get one is there's like 60% discount la..

My bro and cousin are really crazy..
They spent the past week learning dances from SS501..
And he's a faster learner..
Coz he can dance the whole chorus part without looking at the video..
When he was a kid he copied the whole
"Oops I Did It Again" dance from Britney
and got first prize for imitating the dance at one competition
@ Jusco when it was 2001 or was it 2000..

And my hands feel so rough wtf..
and my face got so many pimples popping out..
What products to use?????

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