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Thursday, 8 April 2010


"I cry myself to sleep because it's the only thing I can do right,
I avoid you because I would rather be alone,

I dress in black so I can be invisible at night,
I stay out late to avoid the fights that go on at home,

I remain misunderstood because no one wants to understand me,
I play my music loud so no one can hear me cry,

I rebel because no one will let things be,
I make a scene so you will notice if I die,

I cut my wrists so I know I'm not numb,
I sleep in late because I'm afraid of the day,

I don't try because everyone just assumes I'm dumb,
I don't talk because I have nothing to say,

I guess I don't need to be understood, I’ll be alright,
I just needs you to leave me alone!

Or I might just crumble out her in the dark
engulfed in my own darkness."

Sometimes i think i enjoy doing immature things more than i am supposed to..
I still love colouring, stickers, ice-cream,lolipop,
watching cartoon, spinning on computer chair.. LOL

and more..

And i finally opened an account..
and its orange in colour..
So nice..
Btw that is not my hand..
its from