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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Oh My Baby Angela..

I only knew who Angelababy was
after i watched All Well Ends Well 2010..
She was so so so so damn cute..
I totally love her lips..
The first thing i look at when looking at someone,
is their eye..
Second is their lips..
I like those lips in Japanese cartoon..
Something that looks like a "M"..
Weird i know..
But i found out that Angelababy went for plastic surgery..
So i went and find my best friend, Google..
And i found the 'before' photos..


Looks like she really need that surgery..
But at least the surgery was successful..
She looks super cute/pretty now..
Looks like plastic surgery can save lives..
But i still think she's cute..
Not gonna hate her..
And William Chan is her bf..

He's a singer from Hk..
Look at his chunted body..

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