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Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Sunday, 04/04/2010..
Took my undang test and passed..
Rewarded myself with an expensive ice-cream..
I finally know where TBS is located at..
Went home,
then went to 1U to take my "SHERO"..

I took the second version..
The one with their mini concert @ Taiwan for their previous album..
Their new songs seriously nice lor..
i still haven't get the title yet..
Coz chinese words ma..
Can't really remember which track is which..
not saying their songs are nice bcoz i like them..
then i went and got my haircut..
Its only been 2-3months and was long like grass..
Now its freaking short..
Everyone got shocked (even me)..
Thanks to the hairstylist who didn't understand me..
But its ok.. I like it anyways..
And i bought another pair of slip-ons..
Damn happy lor.. Hahahahaha..
It's brown..
So nice..
So happy..
= D XD =)

Before i went and cut my hair,
there was this Nestle event downstairs,
my mom called my sis and asked us to go down..
After the paper was completely stamped,
we will get a goody bag.. LOL

I wasn't excited about that at all..
Was emo coz it was freaking hot and i haven't cut my hair..
But once i saw there's ice-cream,
i got all excited..
the guy gave me the ice-cream for kids..

And when i saw the mascots i got excited
more than i should be..
I was like the only non-kid who wanted to take pics with them..

Mat Kool, Mat Kool kawanku,
Mari kita ikut Mat Kool,
Main-main, selalu,
Syoknya-syoknya ada Mat Kool..
The song sounds so pervertic now..
Like peadophile..
I always sing this song when i was a kid..

That was before i cut my hair..
Damn long d..

This is Chef Muluk..
He's a really cool guy..
Funny as hell (if u und bm la)..
Went home at 6plus(?)..

Then went dinner with Jaslyn Khew @
MingTien then went to pasar malam..

Then went to my house to play pop pop..
50boxes finished in about an hour..

We bought colouring book..
and she poke my mouth when i tried to take a pic..

This is how short my hair is..
kisiao short ok..

The fella didnt style like this la..
I was too lazy..


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