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Monday, 31 May 2010

Dreamz (part 2)

Recently i have alot of weird dreams wtf..
Even since my office cannot open facebook
i have been dreaming about using facebook..
Dreamt about it alot of times..
And yesterday i dreamt about Brigitte Lin..
so sudden..
but i seriously love her alot..
She's like 56 this year..
She's so damn pretty..
Her husband' looks is... Err...
Well he's rich.. One of the richest man in the world wtf..
I use such long time to type on post coz i's distracted
by so many other things..

yesterday i went for 2 1/2hour driving practice..
Slope, 3point turn, parking all ok..
When i was driving on the road there is one retarded asshole
who drove speed past me..
I was trying to move to the left lane then the
cb fella speed past and he flipped me off..
if i was a pro driver i would've chased him
smash his car
or flip him back..
Too bad i was not a pro driver and the window was closed..
and my instrustor didn't see..

Saturday my cousin came over for prayers
and she brought her baby along..
shoooo cute!!
He's almost 2months old..
Last week he came but all he did was sleep..
This week he was awake almost the whole time..

See the baby so small..
Pic taken by The Strange..
p/s : ignore the hair..

*pinch the cheek*

so cute man..
beh tahan..

He always frowns..
Just like his mom..
Can't wait til he's older..
Even more fun to play with..
Especially after 5months old..

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Yesterday boss let me off at 2pm..
Went to lunch @ Ss2 Mcd..
Got myself a glass..
Then went dessert bro..
Went home bathed and took a nap at 4something..
Woke up at 7 for dinner..
Went to this place at state..
There this shop called Ayam Penyek..
The food seriously not bad..
And the price is acceptable..
Too bad i forgot i cut my hand and it hurts so damn badly when
i used my hand to eat..
But still worth the pain la..
There's like 4holes on my thumb thanks to the
cellophane thingy..
Dono wat u call that..
But yea thanks to it there's 4 holes on my finger..

And i feel like cutting my hair again..LOL
And F(x) new songs damn nice..
Too bad cant find their album here..

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Sesungguhnya saya teramat bosan..
At least got blogs to read..
FourFeetNine & SweatLee
Any nice blog to read?
To those i already have the link, save it.

Eh, Jaslyn Khew,
remember these?

It was taken on the 18th..
That is Jackie's car at the back..
Jas was like,
eh faster faster very heavy,
jackie coming d, faster..
And i was damn zadao-ed..

This is my room table..
S.H.E clock that my aunt insisted she paid for..
and the other clock which i got back in 2007..
The big(ger) mirror is from Daiso..
My mask, my teddy, spongebob from honey star,
face mask, eye mask (which i am too lazy to put on),
and my hair products..

Last sun went to 1u and ate at this place that sells herbs and stuff..
Dono whats the name..
But its something Malaysia..
It's near bread story if not mistaken..
Sorry i am direction blind and name blind..

That cup of tea is Rm1
whereas the Pepsi is Rm1.70 i think..
For Rm1 i can get 2 big cups of tea at kopitiam wtf..
That is my mama's hands..
Ruffey I.d..
Rm 70? i think..
Don't remember..
Bought it before Cny i think..
And it's the second time wearing it..

Bro's hairy hairy hairy leg..
And part of sis's foot at the top right corner..

Mom & Dad's foot..

Look at the fish swarming to my left toe..
Coz there lak pei..
Kulit terkupas..

In case you're wondering that is not nail polish..
It's inai..
I used it to wrap my toe and the last time i wrapped it was
a week or so before Cny..
Which makes it 3 1/2 months..
The colour did not come off..
Just realised i looked like i'm not wearing pants..
Fret not..
I was wearing pants..
It was quite long so i pulled it up..

After the spa we cooked those fishes..
LOL kidding..
Had dinner at Pizza Hut..
Their new Fish King pizza is quite tasty but mom
said the pizza at 1u outlet doesn't taste that nice..
Maybe should try at other place..

p/s :
My bro is as thick skulled as those
who come/call my office..
Office name is (___) Air - Cond & Electrical Sdn Bhd
some people actually called/walked in and ask if we sell air-cond..
Maybe i should answer,
"No,we sell cakes, what occasion do you need the cake for?"

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

kill me..

I just realised i shouldn't put
Yes i have a very corrupted mind..

if you're buying air-cond..
please DON'T buy that Pana brand..
If you don't know what brand it is pls contact me,
add me (please.. T.T)
Everything is failing me except my blog,gmail,hotmail..
But i cant open in chrome & IE..
So yea..
The people working in that company really suck..
Except for a few in sales department..
But the ones in service serious kills..
And those who deliver the air-cond..
If not because they're the supplier,
i would've roar-ed!!
And their air-cond sells because the brand is famous..
I mean like c'mon la..
if you're expensive then better be worth it la..
But it's seriously not worth the money that you're paying..
If you're considering Inverter air-cond
get Daikin..
This is seriously good..
Installation is cheaper too..
Or if you're on a budget but can't stand the heat,
get Fujiaire..
It's cheap, good and have ionizer..
Malaysian made sumore..
Support Malaysia la..
York is still ok..
Their service is Num1..
Unlike Pana..
Service damn slow..
Air-cond is the lightest among all..
Cantonese ppl say "Thao Gong Gam Liu"..
And daikin is freaking expensive..
Coz their material is not cheap material..
Fujiaire less complain..
York is still ok..
If you're wondering how come i know which is heavier,
its coz i carried it before..

Boss's daughter just asked me if i can speak chinese..
She's like 11 or 12..
Then she ask me to speak for her to hear wtf..
Zadao like hell..
My boss have 5daughters..
My ex colleague and me thinks that the 2nd is
the prettiest and friendliest..
The youngest is like 8 i think..
So young..
When i was 8..
I dont think so facebook or friendster existed..
Yea and i think mrs boss blocked facebook..
coz normally the daughter will come to the office and fb..
But this few days they didn't..
Hello if wanna block then block la..
Why wana crash my browser?!?!?!

update:she even followed me to toilet to ask me wtf..
and she's 12..

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Nothing much to do..
No one is replying my message..
And i cant post the pics today..
Coz my dad has been hogging the comp..
Wanna blog to reduce my boredom..
But donno blog about what..

Can you accept if your bf/gf
still have feelings for the ex?
I definitely cant..

I'm having this terrible headache right now..
It's been like this since lunch..
Feel like vomitting..
And dizzy..
And hot..
And i can't wait to drive again..
And i feel like cutting my hair wtf..
I was determined to let it grow long(er)..
But now i wanna cut it again wtf..
But i won't..
For now la..

For those who have Gmail PLEASE ADD ME..
It can be opened..
So please add me and chat with me..
*shows puppy eyes*
Very very sad that i cant on facebook and msn..
So please add me on gmail and chat with me..
pretty please...

Monday, 24 May 2010

fishy fishy~

Had my first driving lesson yesterday!!
Was excited, nervous, scared..
My engine died a few times..
And the stupid kancil was damn cacated..
The hand brake is so damn freaking hard to pull..
I used both hand still can't pull the hand brake all the way up..
The instructor was funny but sarcastic and annoying at the same time..
Next lesson will be on Sunday..
Still kinda nervous..
Coz i'm afraid that i might fail the test..

Then after that went 1u (again) with family..
There's this place that have fish spa..
But it's for your feet only..
It's called "Cute Fish Spa"
If not mistaken it's at Ground Floor..
Please don't ask me for directions, Tq..
Rm5 for 10mins..
Since there was 5of us the fella gave us extra 5mins..
But me and my bro took extra 10mins..
If was freaking geli..
At first i beh tahan i was laughing like siao.. Wtf..
But after awhile it's better..
But damn syok..
I wanna go again.. XD
Will post the pics tomorrow..
Then we went for dinner at Pizza Hut..
The new fish pizza is kinda nice..
i like it..
And i just realised there's Daiso in 1u..
Bought a mirror :D ..
But i still feel it's not big enough..
I want full length mirror la..

Saturday, 22 May 2010


All my browsers crash when i try to open facebook..
Msn is facing the same problem except it can't be opened at all..
Other pages can be open except facebook..
I tried Chrome,Firefox, Internet Explorer,
and also my colleague's computer..
I tried to restart, off the comp,
nothing works..
die liao..

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Can i be the one who carries you to the bed
every night, when you're asleep at the sofa darling?
If no one is willing, I am the one who is willing to do so.forever.

Life sucks man..
Seriously FML!
My wrist is hurting like f- now..
Beh tahan..
Toe hurting like f- also..
Feel like taking a f-ing knife and chop it off..

And at home its still the same..
No matter what happens its still my fault..
my fault, my fault, my fault..
Why don't you guys just blame me for every single bad thing that happens..

A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one..

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Jackie and Jaslyn came over to my house..
Reached at 10+
And we talked til 12am..
I didn't realise it was 12 til it started drizzling..
Jackie brought siew kai yik..
And erm drinks..
Luckily the came over..
If not i emo alone at home..
Most of the times i seriously prefer to
spend time with my friends more than my family..
Coz when with my family,
we argue alot..
But when i'm with my friends,
we don't..
And my friends make me happy..
We can talk about anything..
That's the thing i need most..
Someone to listen to me..

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Sometimes i wonder why my parents cannot understand me..
I wanna change job but they don't allow..
They never listen to my explanation..
Only he can have his reasoning and i cant..
Seriously damn frusted talking to them..
They never listens to other people..
At least my mom just say get another job first..
My dad keeps saying it's good working here..
It's near and the job is easy..
So you want me to work here for the rest of my life
with low pay just because it's near?
When i said i wanna find a part time job,
mom said go ahead since i do nothing at home during night time..
What did dad say?
He asked me to don't "fatt chin hon"..
Better go take a part time course or something..
As if i don't already know that..
I want to do that too..
But where do i get the money from if i don't work for it first?
If i quit my job without discussing with them,
they will emo me..
If i try to discuss with them, there is no point..
Coz they will have all their reasons and i cant have mine..

Sometimes i really feel lazy to talk to him..
I can't have opinions..
If my opinion differ from his,
i can't stand for it..
Even when i quarrel with my siblings it's always my fault..
No matter what it is..
Even if i do the same thing as my sibling
on different time i will get the scolding when i do it and they won't..
Is it because i'm a middle child?
You always say those who bite their nail have
phsychological problem..
Yea i bite my nail..
Yea i phsychological problem..
Do YOU know why?
Do YOU know what causes it?
Do YOU know what is my problem?

Have you ever thought of running away?
I have..
If it wasn't for my mom i think i would've left..
And of course it i run away i can't go home for Sabbath..
But i really really wanna move out..
Feel like i'm going crazy staying in this house..
Everything i do is never right for him..
Maybe it's because i'm different..
I don't have long hair..
I'm not a boy..
I'm not good at boot licking..
I say what i wanna say..
Do what i wanna do..
Even when i'm helping out with housework its not enough..
Buy stuff for you guys you have to comment..
Buy food for you guys to eat still have to nag..
When i talk you say i talk too much..
When i don't talk you say i am mental..
Seriously dono what to do..

Friday, 14 May 2010


Seriously hate my boss..
Beh tahan him..
My parents doesn't let me quit before i get a job..
He just came back today and i already feel like killing him..
Ma chao hai..
Anyone that need worker pls contact me..
I going to become crazy if i work here any longer..
my colleague sure damn syok la..
Tml last day d..
I still have to continue suffering here..
Today my colleague asked me what i want for lunch..
Then she asked if i eat spaghetti..
She said she's asking her bf to tapao for her..
It's those spaghetti + chicken chop or some other ingredient..
He bought it from Kota Damansara..
It was nice..
He's quite err..
i don't know what's that word in english..
He didn't know which sauce we wanted,
so he took a few choices..
But he kinda looks like Ryuk..
pls go google who ryuk is.. Tq..
And yet i find him kinda cute..
He's a contractor and used to take air-cond from my company..
So yeah..

Thursday, 13 May 2010



Colleague just came back from her vacation..
From Redang le..
Damn syok ok..
I pun nak pergi..
Tapi takde duit..
And parents will never let me go with my friends..
This saturday is her last day here..
We've already been working together for more than one year..
She's leaving coz she cannot stand my boss..
And seriously, neither can i..
I am so fed up with this place..
Oh God please help me escape this place..

Yesterday went dinner with Karmen,
Mandy, Jaslyn, May Yan and Jackie..
As usual Jackie and May Yan are late..
So the few of us went for dinner @ Fun Taipei Cafe..
Then went to Starbucks to sit and yam cha..
Karmen and May Yan left early..
Then at about 10pm we headed over to my house..
But me & Jas went to get Durian Pancake
while Mandy waited for us at 7-11..
Bought some snacks..
Then something seriously embarassing happened..
And Jaslyn Khew can never wait to rub it in my face..
She had to tell it to the whole world..
And the three of them keep making fun of me..
What great friends i have..
Not only they did NOT help me,
they made fun of me..
Pk-ed in front of the 7-11..
Mother trucked..
malu die..
We sat outside for a moonlit meeting..
Til about 12++..
I still have 2 pancake at home..

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


My boss + his wife went to China..
My colleague is coming back tomorrow from Redang..
My boss' eldest daughter is here..
My boss have a really good friend..
He always help my boss no matter what..
and it seems like he's more like the boss of my company..
Yesterday he bought us Nasi Lemak..
Today he bought Bento from Sushi King..
It's damn nice lor..
How i wish my boss is that nice..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Oh hai..
The pics are all jumbled up..
Sorry and thank you..

I reached home on Sun midnight..
But was too damn lazy to go to work the next call..
So called mrs boss and told her just reached home..
Slept til 12pm..
Woke up..
Whole day laze at home nia..

The last time i went Johor was aeons ago..
I think it was like 8years ago..
I wanna go back to johor again..
This few days was full of laughter..
Eating, playing..
My cousins were all sticking to me..
Talked cock alot..
And acted down syndrome/lala..
My sis even recorded a video..
I peed myself laughing..
It was seriously freaking retarded..
Everyone was laughing like mad..
My aunt even laughed til she had to pee..

@ Jalan Tepi Sungai after dinner..
Ate til damn full ok..
The food was soooo damn nice..
And damn big portion wtf..
Full til can die..

The 9year old cousin who looks like she's 7 - Jessica..
Her school bag was so heavy..
It feels like as though it's 10kg..
Her bag feels heavier than her..
Sent her to sch with her mom..
Took her bag and my hands almost came off..
She looks so cute in that uniform..
Her specs and her bag..

Her mom told me that this mirror cracked coz
my cousin kicked it..
Keganasan runs in the family..

This was before school..
She's soooo cute..
Feel like biting her cheek..

Her pet rabbit which she named Baby..

Sunday morning breakfast..

Saturday lunch..

@ Jalan tepi sungai..
Me and my ah beng foot..

The boat will take you to see fire flies..
But my parents + sis didn't want to go..
The last time i saw fire flies was like.........
Don't remember =.="

The 14year old cousin..
I think the more she grow up,
the better she looks..
And last time..
She cant take jokes, she can only cry..
But now, she can take any joke ( i think)..

That's her sis in the centre..
Yes, she is short..
But not that short la..
Coz my hands too short..
This was taken in a toilet at a place called Kip Mart..
Lame name..haha..
I look so tall right..

Her nick name is "Lembu"..
Marry Brown!!
Not nice..
First time in many years and it tastes so bad..
A&W taste better..
Sunday afternoon tea time..
Was telling crazy jokes and doing crazy acts..
Laughed till tears rolling down the cheek..

Quote my aunt : "Hello Kato"
Jessica gave 2 to me..
And i hanged it on my phone..
She gave me only..
And her sis asked her to give one to my sis..

The one next to me is Jessica's sister..
And the other wan is our cousin..
Her name is "Ice" in chinese la..
Not sure if its that writing though..

I'm in the kiddy ride..
tak sangka i can fit inside..
I'm like the eldest one there..
(Not including my sis coz she is considered OLD)

Sunday night dinner..
This is where i acted lala..
Yes its a public place..
It's ok though..
No one there knows me..
If you ask me to do that in kl i'd rather kill myself..

I was really really upset when we had to leave..

These 2 was taken during Cny..
Her mom is so damn insane..
Say we both damn matching..
Coz we're both rockers..
I am so not a rocker..
i am ah beng..
Keep asking us to take pics together..
Say macam paktor nia..
My hair was so long..
But now it's almost that length d..
Or so i think la..

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4 You...