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Thursday, 13 May 2010



Colleague just came back from her vacation..
From Redang le..
Damn syok ok..
I pun nak pergi..
Tapi takde duit..
And parents will never let me go with my friends..
This saturday is her last day here..
We've already been working together for more than one year..
She's leaving coz she cannot stand my boss..
And seriously, neither can i..
I am so fed up with this place..
Oh God please help me escape this place..

Yesterday went dinner with Karmen,
Mandy, Jaslyn, May Yan and Jackie..
As usual Jackie and May Yan are late..
So the few of us went for dinner @ Fun Taipei Cafe..
Then went to Starbucks to sit and yam cha..
Karmen and May Yan left early..
Then at about 10pm we headed over to my house..
But me & Jas went to get Durian Pancake
while Mandy waited for us at 7-11..
Bought some snacks..
Then something seriously embarassing happened..
And Jaslyn Khew can never wait to rub it in my face..
She had to tell it to the whole world..
And the three of them keep making fun of me..
What great friends i have..
Not only they did NOT help me,
they made fun of me..
Pk-ed in front of the 7-11..
Mother trucked..
malu die..
We sat outside for a moonlit meeting..
Til about 12++..
I still have 2 pancake at home..

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