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Thursday, 27 May 2010


Sesungguhnya saya teramat bosan..
At least got blogs to read..
FourFeetNine & SweatLee
Any nice blog to read?
To those i already have the link, save it.

Eh, Jaslyn Khew,
remember these?

It was taken on the 18th..
That is Jackie's car at the back..
Jas was like,
eh faster faster very heavy,
jackie coming d, faster..
And i was damn zadao-ed..

This is my room table..
S.H.E clock that my aunt insisted she paid for..
and the other clock which i got back in 2007..
The big(ger) mirror is from Daiso..
My mask, my teddy, spongebob from honey star,
face mask, eye mask (which i am too lazy to put on),
and my hair products..

Last sun went to 1u and ate at this place that sells herbs and stuff..
Dono whats the name..
But its something Malaysia..
It's near bread story if not mistaken..
Sorry i am direction blind and name blind..

That cup of tea is Rm1
whereas the Pepsi is Rm1.70 i think..
For Rm1 i can get 2 big cups of tea at kopitiam wtf..
That is my mama's hands..
Ruffey I.d..
Rm 70? i think..
Don't remember..
Bought it before Cny i think..
And it's the second time wearing it..

Bro's hairy hairy hairy leg..
And part of sis's foot at the top right corner..

Mom & Dad's foot..

Look at the fish swarming to my left toe..
Coz there lak pei..
Kulit terkupas..

In case you're wondering that is not nail polish..
It's inai..
I used it to wrap my toe and the last time i wrapped it was
a week or so before Cny..
Which makes it 3 1/2 months..
The colour did not come off..
Just realised i looked like i'm not wearing pants..
Fret not..
I was wearing pants..
It was quite long so i pulled it up..

After the spa we cooked those fishes..
LOL kidding..
Had dinner at Pizza Hut..
Their new Fish King pizza is quite tasty but mom
said the pizza at 1u outlet doesn't taste that nice..
Maybe should try at other place..

p/s :
My bro is as thick skulled as those
who come/call my office..
Office name is (___) Air - Cond & Electrical Sdn Bhd
some people actually called/walked in and ask if we sell air-cond..
Maybe i should answer,
"No,we sell cakes, what occasion do you need the cake for?"

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