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Monday, 31 May 2010

Dreamz (part 2)

Recently i have alot of weird dreams wtf..
Even since my office cannot open facebook
i have been dreaming about using facebook..
Dreamt about it alot of times..
And yesterday i dreamt about Brigitte Lin..
so sudden..
but i seriously love her alot..
She's like 56 this year..
She's so damn pretty..
Her husband' looks is... Err...
Well he's rich.. One of the richest man in the world wtf..
I use such long time to type on post coz i's distracted
by so many other things..

yesterday i went for 2 1/2hour driving practice..
Slope, 3point turn, parking all ok..
When i was driving on the road there is one retarded asshole
who drove speed past me..
I was trying to move to the left lane then the
cb fella speed past and he flipped me off..
if i was a pro driver i would've chased him
smash his car
or flip him back..
Too bad i was not a pro driver and the window was closed..
and my instrustor didn't see..

Saturday my cousin came over for prayers
and she brought her baby along..
shoooo cute!!
He's almost 2months old..
Last week he came but all he did was sleep..
This week he was awake almost the whole time..

See the baby so small..
Pic taken by The Strange..
p/s : ignore the hair..

*pinch the cheek*

so cute man..
beh tahan..

He always frowns..
Just like his mom..
Can't wait til he's older..
Even more fun to play with..
Especially after 5months old..

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