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Saturday, 29 May 2010


Yesterday boss let me off at 2pm..
Went to lunch @ Ss2 Mcd..
Got myself a glass..
Then went dessert bro..
Went home bathed and took a nap at 4something..
Woke up at 7 for dinner..
Went to this place at state..
There this shop called Ayam Penyek..
The food seriously not bad..
And the price is acceptable..
Too bad i forgot i cut my hand and it hurts so damn badly when
i used my hand to eat..
But still worth the pain la..
There's like 4holes on my thumb thanks to the
cellophane thingy..
Dono wat u call that..
But yea thanks to it there's 4 holes on my finger..

And i feel like cutting my hair again..LOL
And F(x) new songs damn nice..
Too bad cant find their album here..

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