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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Nothing much to do..
No one is replying my message..
And i cant post the pics today..
Coz my dad has been hogging the comp..
Wanna blog to reduce my boredom..
But donno blog about what..

Can you accept if your bf/gf
still have feelings for the ex?
I definitely cant..

I'm having this terrible headache right now..
It's been like this since lunch..
Feel like vomitting..
And dizzy..
And hot..
And i can't wait to drive again..
And i feel like cutting my hair wtf..
I was determined to let it grow long(er)..
But now i wanna cut it again wtf..
But i won't..
For now la..

For those who have Gmail PLEASE ADD ME..
It can be opened..
So please add me and chat with me..
*shows puppy eyes*
Very very sad that i cant on facebook and msn..
So please add me on gmail and chat with me..
pretty please...

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