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Monday, 24 May 2010

fishy fishy~

Had my first driving lesson yesterday!!
Was excited, nervous, scared..
My engine died a few times..
And the stupid kancil was damn cacated..
The hand brake is so damn freaking hard to pull..
I used both hand still can't pull the hand brake all the way up..
The instructor was funny but sarcastic and annoying at the same time..
Next lesson will be on Sunday..
Still kinda nervous..
Coz i'm afraid that i might fail the test..

Then after that went 1u (again) with family..
There's this place that have fish spa..
But it's for your feet only..
It's called "Cute Fish Spa"
If not mistaken it's at Ground Floor..
Please don't ask me for directions, Tq..
Rm5 for 10mins..
Since there was 5of us the fella gave us extra 5mins..
But me and my bro took extra 10mins..
If was freaking geli..
At first i beh tahan i was laughing like siao.. Wtf..
But after awhile it's better..
But damn syok..
I wanna go again.. XD
Will post the pics tomorrow..
Then we went for dinner at Pizza Hut..
The new fish pizza is kinda nice..
i like it..
And i just realised there's Daiso in 1u..
Bought a mirror :D ..
But i still feel it's not big enough..
I want full length mirror la..

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