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Friday, 14 May 2010


Seriously hate my boss..
Beh tahan him..
My parents doesn't let me quit before i get a job..
He just came back today and i already feel like killing him..
Ma chao hai..
Anyone that need worker pls contact me..
I going to become crazy if i work here any longer..
my colleague sure damn syok la..
Tml last day d..
I still have to continue suffering here..
Today my colleague asked me what i want for lunch..
Then she asked if i eat spaghetti..
She said she's asking her bf to tapao for her..
It's those spaghetti + chicken chop or some other ingredient..
He bought it from Kota Damansara..
It was nice..
He's quite err..
i don't know what's that word in english..
He didn't know which sauce we wanted,
so he took a few choices..
But he kinda looks like Ryuk..
pls go google who ryuk is.. Tq..
And yet i find him kinda cute..
He's a contractor and used to take air-cond from my company..
So yeah..

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