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Sunday, 9 May 2010


Currently at Johor now..
Reached here on friday at 1am..
This few days has only been eating sleeping..
Fooling around..
Playing with my cousins..
Have a few pics taken with my cousin..
Will upload in the next few days..
Feel so damn freaking lazy to go back to work on monday..
My stupid bro and sis has been hogging the comp since the day we arrived..
ass betul-kan??
Damn freaking stupid..
Esp my stupid bro..
Since the moment he woke up..
Til the moment before he go to slep..
I only get to check my stuff for 5mins..
Came here for 3days and the most we did was eat, eat, eat,
and EAT!!

So not looking forward to go back to work..
And today finally i ate Marry Brown after 30589887464987984years..
My other aunt and cousin keep callin me leng zai..

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