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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

kill me..

I just realised i shouldn't put
Yes i have a very corrupted mind..

if you're buying air-cond..
please DON'T buy that Pana brand..
If you don't know what brand it is pls contact me,
add me (please.. T.T)
Everything is failing me except my blog,gmail,hotmail..
But i cant open in chrome & IE..
So yea..
The people working in that company really suck..
Except for a few in sales department..
But the ones in service serious kills..
And those who deliver the air-cond..
If not because they're the supplier,
i would've roar-ed!!
And their air-cond sells because the brand is famous..
I mean like c'mon la..
if you're expensive then better be worth it la..
But it's seriously not worth the money that you're paying..
If you're considering Inverter air-cond
get Daikin..
This is seriously good..
Installation is cheaper too..
Or if you're on a budget but can't stand the heat,
get Fujiaire..
It's cheap, good and have ionizer..
Malaysian made sumore..
Support Malaysia la..
York is still ok..
Their service is Num1..
Unlike Pana..
Service damn slow..
Air-cond is the lightest among all..
Cantonese ppl say "Thao Gong Gam Liu"..
And daikin is freaking expensive..
Coz their material is not cheap material..
Fujiaire less complain..
York is still ok..
If you're wondering how come i know which is heavier,
its coz i carried it before..

Boss's daughter just asked me if i can speak chinese..
She's like 11 or 12..
Then she ask me to speak for her to hear wtf..
Zadao like hell..
My boss have 5daughters..
My ex colleague and me thinks that the 2nd is
the prettiest and friendliest..
The youngest is like 8 i think..
So young..
When i was 8..
I dont think so facebook or friendster existed..
Yea and i think mrs boss blocked facebook..
coz normally the daughter will come to the office and fb..
But this few days they didn't..
Hello if wanna block then block la..
Why wana crash my browser?!?!?!

update:she even followed me to toilet to ask me wtf..
and she's 12..

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