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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Oh hai..
The pics are all jumbled up..
Sorry and thank you..

I reached home on Sun midnight..
But was too damn lazy to go to work the next call..
So called mrs boss and told her just reached home..
Slept til 12pm..
Woke up..
Whole day laze at home nia..

The last time i went Johor was aeons ago..
I think it was like 8years ago..
I wanna go back to johor again..
This few days was full of laughter..
Eating, playing..
My cousins were all sticking to me..
Talked cock alot..
And acted down syndrome/lala..
My sis even recorded a video..
I peed myself laughing..
It was seriously freaking retarded..
Everyone was laughing like mad..
My aunt even laughed til she had to pee..

@ Jalan Tepi Sungai after dinner..
Ate til damn full ok..
The food was soooo damn nice..
And damn big portion wtf..
Full til can die..

The 9year old cousin who looks like she's 7 - Jessica..
Her school bag was so heavy..
It feels like as though it's 10kg..
Her bag feels heavier than her..
Sent her to sch with her mom..
Took her bag and my hands almost came off..
She looks so cute in that uniform..
Her specs and her bag..

Her mom told me that this mirror cracked coz
my cousin kicked it..
Keganasan runs in the family..

This was before school..
She's soooo cute..
Feel like biting her cheek..

Her pet rabbit which she named Baby..

Sunday morning breakfast..

Saturday lunch..

@ Jalan tepi sungai..
Me and my ah beng foot..

The boat will take you to see fire flies..
But my parents + sis didn't want to go..
The last time i saw fire flies was like.........
Don't remember =.="

The 14year old cousin..
I think the more she grow up,
the better she looks..
And last time..
She cant take jokes, she can only cry..
But now, she can take any joke ( i think)..

That's her sis in the centre..
Yes, she is short..
But not that short la..
Coz my hands too short..
This was taken in a toilet at a place called Kip Mart..
Lame name..haha..
I look so tall right..

Her nick name is "Lembu"..
Marry Brown!!
Not nice..
First time in many years and it tastes so bad..
A&W taste better..
Sunday afternoon tea time..
Was telling crazy jokes and doing crazy acts..
Laughed till tears rolling down the cheek..

Quote my aunt : "Hello Kato"
Jessica gave 2 to me..
And i hanged it on my phone..
She gave me only..
And her sis asked her to give one to my sis..

The one next to me is Jessica's sister..
And the other wan is our cousin..
Her name is "Ice" in chinese la..
Not sure if its that writing though..

I'm in the kiddy ride..
tak sangka i can fit inside..
I'm like the eldest one there..
(Not including my sis coz she is considered OLD)

Sunday night dinner..
This is where i acted lala..
Yes its a public place..
It's ok though..
No one there knows me..
If you ask me to do that in kl i'd rather kill myself..

I was really really upset when we had to leave..

These 2 was taken during Cny..
Her mom is so damn insane..
Say we both damn matching..
Coz we're both rockers..
I am so not a rocker..
i am ah beng..
Keep asking us to take pics together..
Say macam paktor nia..
My hair was so long..
But now it's almost that length d..
Or so i think la..

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