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Monday, 3 May 2010

sien nia..

The other day when i was having dinner with my friends,
i almost vomit blood thanks to two of my friend..
Had dinner @ Wang Chiew i think..
Don't remember the name..
I've been there like a billion time but i still don't know the way there..
I only know that it's near Taman S.E.A primary sch..
After dinner we went to Dessert Bro for dessert (DUH!)..
And i almost dropped someone's laptop..
Coz i was walking and talking at the same time..
Turned back to talk to M.Y and my elbow hit the laptop..
if i dropped it..........
Recently i dropped alot of things..
I broke a plate at home..
Coz i wanted to wash it after eating..
it hit the chair and flew off..

Went to sing k and watch Ip Man 2..
Wanted to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love..
But no tix..
It's ok..
Ip Man was so damn freaking nice..
Chunted like hell..
Especially the fighting scenes..
I didn't even blink..
I is so in love with Donnie Yen..
When my friend asked me what show i watched
i say Ip Man2,
the fella thought i said Iron Man2..
Hello do i look like someone who would watch Iron Man?
I didn't even watch the first one..
I feel it's so damn ridiculous..

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