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Thursday, 6 May 2010


Today my colleague did not come to work.... AGAIN!!
seriously wonder what is wrong with her man..
diz pew dais konetian iz willy willy willy sucks..
someone just kill me..
Damn frustrating..
Can't even do anything..
Only msn can be opened..
And also my blog..
Betul betul boleh men-ki siao-kan saya..

Today is also the day i realised that
i have more electric currnent than the cpu that i'm using..
tak sangka betul..
i mean, i know we have current in our body..
But mine is like so damn high.. wtf..

Today after work will be leaving for Johor..
My cousins must be damn happy..
I know i am happy..
For getting off from work for 2days..
And my annual leave sudah habis..
Bo liao..
jiak sai la..
i only have like 8 days of annual leave..

You know what?
I don't give a shit of what people think of me..
It's your problem if u think i am lala zai, lala mui,
ah beng, ah lian, or whatever shit names you can think off..
This is me..
Don't like it?
Then F**K off la..
Think my hair sucks?
That is my problem..
Even if it looks like grass in your opinion,
well, that's your opinion not mine..
Even though i don't reli think that i look like lala but it's ok..
At least i speak pro england..
So people will change their perspective towards lala..
If you call me ah beng i don't really mind..
Sometimes ah bengs are way more gentleman than
those guys who wears coat and act as if they're so damn smart
and stuff lidat..
Seriously hate those type of guys..
And dressing up as ah beng is waaaay more comfortable..
Call me whatever you like..
I won't be bothered..

I wanna go Malaca..
I wanna go Penang..
I wanna go Perak..
I wanna go Redang..
I wanna go Langkawi..
I wanna go TAIWAN!!!

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