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Monday, 7 June 2010


Saturday - went to visit SiewPeng
and her baby together with Jackie,Karmen+May Yan..
Had dinner at Wong Kok first..
Was supposed to wait for her phone call
coz she's not at home yet..
Went to Babyland & bought a hamper for her..
Decided to go May Yan's house first..
Otw there called Siew Peng..
After 687234654 times she finally picked up & said she's at home..
So went over to her house..
Her baby is sooooo damn cute & very very small..
He's smaller size if compared to my nephew..
Before going over i actually cut and filed my nails
just so i can carry the baby and not hurt him..
While we were on the way we said about taking load of pics..
Manatau....only took one..
Coz the baby covered his face..
And her mom + mom in law was there..
So it was abit err and MIL was superstitious..
The baby is going to stay with her MIL for the time being..
Till the baby is ata least 5months old i guess..
We left at about 11..
Then we went over to M.Yan's place..
Talk crap,joke,laugh,ate junk..
Left at about 1am..
Dropped Karmen off..
Then Jackie and I was bored so,
we decided that she should come over to my place to hang..
Went to tapao supper for my bro and her..
After finish eating we went and sit outside..
Coz she feel more comfy outside LOL..
We were feeding the mosquito outside..
And we talked and talked and talked
and talked and complained and joked
and complained alot and talked alot..
I yawned ONCE and she said i should go and sleep..
When i went back in the house only i saw the clock
and realised the time was 5am.. Wtf..
That was the day i found out that she wears
i told her to sms me when she reached home
and she called me crazy..
But she did msg me when she reach home..
i was already falling asleep..
And i have to wake at 9..
Have to meet this dude from blogshop @10..
planned to go 1u for karaoke @11..
Wanted to watch Shrek but no tix..
So watched Happy Go Lucky..
Its a Singapore movie..
Funny till i cant explain..
Through out the show i was just laughing..
Everyone was laughing like siao..
But if you dont und hokkien, dont bother watching..
I finally found out what Beacon House meant wtf..
If it wasn't for Jackie i would never find the meaning..
Talking to her i learned quite some stuff about her and life..
And well, some of my friends..

And i will one of the person who dies from having
an idiotic colleague..
Complaining about her makes my blood vessel expand..
Talking to her makes my blood boil..
Teaching her how to do work makes my head hurt..
Seriously gonna vomit blood wtf..
Really feel like scolding her..
Jackie said give her time.. I tried..
But today proved that she seriously have no hope..
The other day @1.30 she told me she's going to buy lunch..
she went for more than half an hour and hungry like fuck..
she came back with newspaper..
She eats newspaper ke?!?!?!?!?!?!

She should just vanish from the surface of the earth wtf..
If she doesn't i think i might..
Coz she's vili vili vili vili vili vili STUPID..
and i am NOT being or ot critical..
I am just being honest..

Update :
colleague is only one year elder than me wtf..
she receive spare part then sign the package
and wrote her ic..
which i NEVER do..
i thought she'll be like 25..

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