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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Having a headache..
I wonder is it because of that dumb fella..
Or because i went under the sun for 10seconds wtf..
Have to hold myself back from shouting at her
or slap her across the face wtf..
Beh tahan her man..
And remember the time i cut my toe and went for an injection?
Today the damn clinic called me to inform me
that the form or some shit needs to be signed by my boss
or i'll have to pay myself..
But previously don't have to lor ok..
I think most probably they already called my boss..
Coz what she said was,
"she said if no signature company won't pay,
so you'll have to pay yourself"
So what now wtf?
Do i have to fork out my own money?
I thought this was supposed to be "workers' benefit" or something like that..
Freaking sien la..
Who wanna hire me..
Please la hire me..

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