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Thursday, 3 June 2010


New colleague is very kinda....
slow i guess..
Everything i teach her she just en en en..
i hate ppl who answers me en..
Don't even know whether she understands what i tell her..

These guys might look like pai kia or ah beng,
but their heart and mind are way better than
those guys who wear suit to work..
Or those who are loaded with money and drive sports car..
And my boss' nephew is one of them..
He might look blur most of the times but he's nice..
And they are more gentleman than the guys i met outside..
All they think about is themselves..
Arrogant, selfish, stubborn..
Especially hate those people who think
they are superior than other..
And those who think ang mor are superior than us..
Just because you are fairer, and have blonde/red hair
doesn't make you superior than us..

p/s : today is the first time i got paper cut wtf!

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