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Monday, 21 June 2010

Big 2.

I can never say I'm still a teenager anymore..
I am now 20years old +1day..
So sad.. Feel even older now wtf..
Spent 2hours learning how to drive..
And my engine died 987134654146times..
Way more terrible than my first time wtf..
The first time the engine just died 1time..
And after 6hours of learning my engine died so many times..
Taking the exam next Monday..
Most probably i will fail miserably..

Today might be one of the worse day in 2010 so far..
Had to walk to work,
toe hurting and wanted to wear slipper..
BUT my mom wore one side of my slipper and one side of hers..
(most probably she's gonna change it later in the car)
Which leaves me no slipper to wear..
So forced to wear shoe and i had no time to
go and get my socks so i didn't wear socks wtf..
Usually it doesn't gimme any problem..
But today it cuts and caused me blister wtf..
I had to use the cute Snoopy plaster that i kept for at least 5years..
Having gastric now..
Tore my jeans again today..
This is the 3rd pair i tore ever since i started working here..
Facebook is blocked again..
Only this time its worse..
I can't even use anymore..
My beloved
And some blogspot pages cant be opened..
Mozilla can't even be opened..
Internet Explorer can't open hotmail..
I can open the homepage but anything i google will crash the browser..
Seriously freaking stupid la..
I'm wondering what words i cannot write on my blog..
Coz I'm afraid when i try to open my blog it wil crash wtf..

Colleague is still as stupid as ever wtf..
Seriously killing me slowly..
She's currently facing down on the table trying to take a nap..
Worked here for 3weeks but still don't know anything..
Seriously wasting my time teaching her..
Coz of her my gastric is getting worse day by day..

Tell me if time should make a change,
Then why do i feel the same?

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