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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Been sms-ing with Jackie the whole day wtf..
Surprising coz we don't usually understand each other..
Jackie is like a big bro to me..
An elder bro that i never had..
Jackie asks when wanna go for dinner again..
I wanna go for dinner too..
Everyday stay at home damn sien..
And everyday at office lagi sien..
Gastric becoming worse coz i have a retarded colleague..
Taught her many times but to no avail..
Listened to Jackie and gave her chance and patience..
But she didn't improve since the first day she started..
EVERY SINGLE TIME she pick up the phone
she cannot ask enough info for us to know who that person is..
i reminded her
ASK!! ASK!! ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wah lan eh how can she be sooooooooo stupid..
Seriously dont understand her..
Is it so hard to ask
"may i know who is this?"
"you're calling from?"
"you are miss/mr?"
Everytime i ask her who called?
from where?
Her answer is standard..
"Don't know, he/she didnt tell"
Am i pissed or what?

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