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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


‘...I am now in a world
where I have to hide my heart

And what I believe in.
But somehow I will show the world what's inside my heart
And be loved for who I am...’

Accidentally slit my toe open with a nail yesterday..
Was at cyber cafe with my siblings,
and the damn nail/screw cut into my flesh..
After awhile started feeling dizzy and nausea..
No one gave a damn..
Walked home alone wtf..
Then went home mom asked what happened..
Dad made a fuss out of it and rushed me to the clinic..
Waited and waited then vomited wtf..
i need to chew my food properly..
Doc gave me an injection,
and cleaned my wound then apply iodine..
Was still feeling so damn dizzy..
But mom wouldn't let me take today off..
Even though it's nothing serious..
seriously felt like vomiting and dizzy..
Feeling better though..

After the visit to the clinic went home take med..
Wanted to go to bed early..
But then a war started..
Family problem..
Wanna start a new blog..
A private..
I already have one now..
But thats for my own viewing pleasure only..
(sounds so wrong)
But yea i'm gonna start a new private blog..

Everyday go to work and see colleague's face..
No improvement from her..
Seriously gonna die..
Feel like operating her and change her brain..
Send her to extreme make over..
Don't care if they didn't do anything on her face..
But her brain seriously needs alot of work..

-How fun would it be to die on the day you were born-
I wanna be emo..
I resent you and all the guys in the world..

one stupid chinese dude came in..
Speaking damn cacated broken english..
I look at him..
Then he ask me
"miss do you understand english?"
almost scolded him..
my english is waaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than his..
stupid asshole..

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