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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chop My Head Off Please..

I cut the inside of my mouth with a chicken bone FML..
And i failed my driving test FML..
Coz i got a freaking retard car..
Wanna curse but i decided not to ok..
Resolution (for the umpteenth time) is to stop ok..
Sis failed coz the retarded car has got a retarded hand brake..
She used both hands but the hand brake wouldn't budge so her car slide down..
And i failed coz the stupid clucth is too retarded..
Have to release almost 85% only the car start moving..
It seems like its harder for me to blog/talk if i cant curse wtf..
Seriously the cars that JPJ use sucks big time..

So little wtf..
Must buy more shoes..

First time seeing this..

And this..
Looks like snowman~
Except this one is hybrid wtf..
Was so excited when i saw this two la..
Coz never see before wtf..
And asked my mom to buy for me..
Damn lazy wanna blog la..
Even wanna rant about my colleague oso damn lazy d..
No mood..

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