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Monday, 14 June 2010


This is currently my dekstop wallpaper..

Had fun yesterday with Jackie and May yan..
But mostly it was Jackie..
Coz May yan was almost never there..
Jackie came and fetch me at 12+
and went for breakfast/lunch at Uptown..
Then the rest is history..
She taught me a new chinese proverb yesterday..
Which i can remember 3 out of the 4 words..
memory is killing me..
She learn english from me and i learn chinese from her..
Not bad..

And since early this morning my colleague is driving me up the walls..
I'm going crazy soon..
No matter what you teach her or show her,
she won't remember it..
Even if she write it down she will NEVER look at the notes..
And when i ask her to make phone calls,
it's even worse..
The receipient will go nuts too..

i just had a haircut last Saturday..
But i kept the back part as i promised my mom i will do so..
The top part is quite short..
So it kinda looks like a mullet,
but the front can be styled like Ultraman' hair..

And also Jackie got me a keychain which says
She said that she cant find the keychain
or any sort that says Jackie..
So if anyone saw please let me know..

Just found out that the colleague of my is from Ipoh..
And everyone says that girls from Ipoh are very pretty..
Which i always disagree..
Looks like i have proven my point once again..
And i'm looking for a song from the TVB drama series
Fly With Me (飛女正傳 if not mistaken)..
Stars Moses Chan + Ada Choi..
I want the end song from the movie..
It's an english..
Anyone can help me look for it?
*puppy eyes*

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