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Saturday, 26 June 2010

I'm seeing "things"..

Actually I've been seeing "things" since i was a kid..
Don't know if there is something wrong with my eyes..
But i doubt that coz i went and check the dude said
i have bionic eyes which means my eye sight damn good..
Seriously though, its like i keep seeing shadows..
It's not the lighting i know for sure the problem are my eyes..
Like when you stare at the light for too long
and shadow or something like that appears..
Went to check at the hospital once..
And that dude sprayed some shit in my eyes..
Not really sprayed la..
Washed with some solution and he said it's dirt or something like that..
But the spots are still there.. FML..

Anyways i seriously cannot tahan if i don't bitch about my colleague..
Every my blood pressure will shoot up because of her..
And yesterday she was sleeping in the office AGAIN..
I don't know how can she actually sleep like that..
If you're sick or what i can understand but she's not..
I think the only part of her that is sick is her brain wtf..
She keeps smiling to herself..
Really wanna know WTF is her problem man..
I carrying fucking heavy things and she go block my way..
Dahlah no place to walk d..
Sumore wanna fucking stand there and block the fucking way..
Mrs boss ask her help me she stand there..
Ask her to get lost only wanna move..
One day seriously cannot tahan sure scold her fuck your mother..
I hate people scolding me with those kinda degrading voulgar words..
Scold me can but don't mention mother mother all this..
I try not to use those words but she is seriously a big problem man..
Never mind..
Keep it for another day..
Must stay in a relaxed state..
Coz tomorrow will go for the last driving lesson..
Monday will the the driving test..
OMG damn nervous..
Thinking about it gives me cold feet wtf..

Being cute does pay..
Just now there was 3person who went about asking for donation..
And only the cutest one came in to ask..
Maybe coz the other two has been asking but no one wants to donate..
Yea and so the cute one came in and my colleague donated..
At first i didn't want to but cannot lose face wtf (ego bitch lol)..
So yea..
But mostly coz that fella was cute and was in uniform..
White PBSM uniform..
I have a thing for uniform but not Malaysian school uniform..
And when i tried to google Man in Uniform
what came out in the auto complete search is
"Man in Underwear With Gun" wtf damn kinky..

Turn on for girls / gays..
Turn on for guys/lesbians..
Nice uniforms..

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