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Thursday, 17 June 2010


I just realised there are so much rock & sand trapped in my pants wtf..
As all my pants are all loose and some are too long for me..
i wear jeans to work everyday so i fold the bottom part..
And i accidentally touched the bottom part..
When i pour it out omg, full of sand..
zadao like hell..

Sometimes i wonder what's my actual age..
On my birth cert it is stated 1990..
I'm supposed to be 20 but i feel like i'm 60 wtf..
Whole body aching like hell..
Aren't i supposed to feel great?
Since i'm only 20..
When i sleep 5hours i feel tired..
When i sleep 7hours i feel tired..
When i sleep 9 hours i feel tired..
When i sleep 12hours i still feel tired..
My back is seriously killing me..

Yesterday my mom gave us all a scare..
I went to bed at 12something..
My bro wake me up at 3am telling me that
my dad is sending mommy to hospital and need us
to tag along and look after her..
We thought it was cause she bumped her head the other day..
But it turns out she had food poisoning..
I actually fell asleep on the hospital chair wtf..
(feel like a hobo)
When we reached home it was already 6am..
Feeling so damn freaking tired right now..
I thought i can take a nap in the office..
But wtf the numb-skulled-colleague is not coming in to work today..
Seriously gonna faint anytime right now..

Boss' kids came to office today..
The 3rd one is being extra friendly today..
She keep on saying hi and bye to me..
Something which she usually don't do..
Every time she will walk in with her head looking down..
She's very very shy usually..
But she look cute when she smiles (like me)..
She's 13 i think..
Don't really look 13 to me..

I'm feeling so so so so damn lazy to attend tomorrow's dinner..
But if i don't Jackie is seriously gonna kill me..
She spent so much time planning everything..
And everyone is giving her problem..
Well, not everyone..
Just a few person..
Even though I'm kinda looking forward to it (even though lazy)
but i am not able show any excitement..
Coz i'm too damn tired and too sleepy..
Don't even feel like typing happy stuff..

Sometimes when i watch cooking shows on tv
i feel like trying out the dessert or dish that they make..
But as usual i'm either too lazy or too lazy..
Coz some of the ingredients are hard to find..
I wanna learn how to make tiramisu cake..
Coz my mom loves to eat them..
But i'm too lazy to find the cheese and stuff,
so i'll just buy from cake shop..
Few weeks ago i saw one dude making dessert..
Freaking easy and dont even have to bake it,
but i have no time to buy the chocolate wtf..
Can just melt the damn chocolate using solar power..
I wanna learn how to make ice-cream..
But yea i'm too lazy..

forgot to take my med today wtf..

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