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Friday, 25 June 2010


I've torn like 4pairs of jeans but i haven't sew any of it yet..
That's how lazy i am right now..
Been laming the whole morning with The Strange..
Was amused by GChat..
Coz accidentally discover how to do italic and stuff like that..
And we started fooling around with that.. LOL

I'm too lazy to even blog..
Will be on leave on Monday..
Taking driving test..
PLEASE pray that i will pass my test..

p/s - this contractor dude was at my place..
Then he asked me, "when's your birthday? i buy present for you"..
I was like it's has already passed..
You know why he asked..
Coz he wanna buy pacifier for me..
I was kinda sucking on my pinky while reading blogs..
and yea i do that (at times) while watching tv too..
cannot ah?!

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