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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


finally tomorrow got new worker d..
if not i will die..
lets just hope she dont suck ok..
my ex colleague and me have such good timing..
We always msg each other at almost the same time..
When i think i should msg her,
her msg would come in..

Yesterday they came over to my house again..
Jackie,May Yan, Yoke Cheng,
Yesterday was Mandy's birthday..
So they bought a cake for her..
Cheesecake wtf..
They forced me to eat coz if not i tak bagi muka to mandy..
Kesian me.. kena force..
I think yesterday was the first day i saw Jackie laugh til so jialat..
Every single time when we're together,
sure will laugh til like siao..

This morning i wanted to blog about something..
But now i totally forgot about it..

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