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Friday, 11 June 2010


In case you don't know what's "Rawak",
it means random in B.M..

Saw these at 1u the other day..
So nice..
I can't even construct anything from Lego..

Cousin sis who is 10 and almost as tall as me wtf..
I got the short genes..
Her parents are short but she's tall..
(unless she stop growing vertically and start horizontally..

So that i can blog about sex..
Not really..
It's just for fun..


(some random chick)

Don't they look alike?
Well maybe in this picture not that much resemblance..
The first time i saw the random chick i seriously thought it's Joyce wtf..
Give some opinion please..

Beloved fake Vans..
Bought at Sg.Wang for Rm50..
Whereas the original Vans costs about Rm200 wtf..
Am too poor cannot afford..

I like this dude..
He has orange hair..
I'm lovin' it..
My hair was super long that time..
And i typed hair as haid wtf..
My haid was super long that time..

-The Mama-
Not my mama..
Damn cute la she..
(last time la)
I took this from her when we were in Form5..
She still have the other one i think..

One Malay dude called asking directions from Federal Highway..
Of course i did not miss the opportunity to flaunt my BM..
He called back the second time after reaching some place,
then he asked for "the malay girl who gave him direction"..
Am i proud or wert..
I actually love to show off my BM alot..
Because i am proud and weird that way..
That is why i hate it when the find some random chinese
with BAD command of BM
off the street and put them in some lame tv commercial..
It's like they are implifying Chinese cannot speak proper BM..
They can find me or my sis or my dad..
Or my cousins..
I dare to say i speak BM as fluent if not better than most Malaysians..

Yesterday had a moonlight meeting with Jackie & Karmen..
Then my siblings joined us..
Talked till 2am..
And my dad almost came and chased us off..
And Jackie is coming over to find me later..

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