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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Say You're Sorry

Yesterday when i was having dinner,
I got a phone call but that girl was speaking in tamil..
So i told her it was a wrong number,
and what she did was not say sorry or
just fucking hang up..
She had to scold me pundek..
Was freaking pissed and i shouted apa pundek pundek?

And my dad was like "Oi what's your problem?"
So i told him what that f-er said and
he asked for the number and said he's gonna give her a piece of his mind..
But i was already calling her back..
The volcano has already exploded..
First time voicemail,
Second time she picked up,
(didn't know how loud i was)
Started asking her "apa pundek pundek? apa pundek?"
She was like "salah nombor" and hung up on me..
Fire still burning and i called again..
Rang for awhile then she picked up..
Bet she knew if she didn't pick up i will keep calling..
I think i was quite loud coz i was mad pissed ok..
Asked her, "i tell you wrong number you pundek what?
you better apologize now"
She was like "Sorry sorry"
i was thinking "sorry your father"
but i just hung up on her..
Wtf man i was nicely eating then you simply call
got a wrong number and still wanna scold me..

Received a forwarded email..
Seriously damn zadao..
Only in Malay newspaper/magazine we can find this type of article..

Sebagai isteri, Norhayati Abdul Mutalib,25, tidak sengan menyatakan bahawa dia bangga dengan apa yang dimiliki suaminya malah menafikan bahawa wanita akan menderita kesakitan jika mempunyai suami yang saiz alat kelaminnya 'luar biasa'.
"Saya akui 'senjata' suami memang luar biasa saiznya."
Please click on the photo to continue reading..
The email even included photos of his 'senjata' wtf..
Yuck! Eww! Disgusting!
Tak tau malu..
Who ever that wana see how big his junk is please email me
or leave me a message..
Initially i wanted to post the photo here..
But i might vomit or have phobia everytime i try to open my blog..

Seriously don't know what to say..
A customer called to ask for P remote control..
So i ask her to call P factory to ask for price and if it's available..
She called and ask if they have P original remote control..
If it was me i would've answer, "No,we have fake remote only"..
After she got the price
she called the customer AND
gave him our COST..
i asked her to tell the customer that, P don't send spare parts to office..
The customer would have to go to the factory and collect it..
But she told him "we have to go collect if for you"..
WTF?!?! *stabs self with pencil*
If she had not given the cost we could've marked up the price,
help him collect and earn some money..
But nooooooo.......
She had to be soooo stupid..
Stupid can be forgiven, but she doesn't wanna ask!!

Leng zai~
Both are so cute (for me la at least)..

This one kinda looks like Wu Chun..
I don't really like Wu Chun (kinda hate him)..
But i kinda like this fella who kinda looks like him..

I prefer this one though..
This one is cuter..
They're only like 20 or something like that..
Modelling for taiwan brand Mr.Rich..
Quite famous eh wtf..
The whole morning the stupid connection is slow..
And the stupid browser crashed when i tried to post pictures in SO..
So i had to re-load everything again..

p/s : i sprained my ankle..
Fml x 10000

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Cheng Ren said...

forward that email to me pls.
Thanks :D