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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Shattered Heart

Weak hearts, please scroll to the part with words..
Hate to see gruesome stuff, please scroll to the part with words..
Afraid of blood, please scroll to the part with words..
Hate babies,
support abortion,
please fuck off..


I was on looking for baby pictures..
And some pictures of the aborted babies came up..
Then i went and look at those pictures..
Do you know how much it breaks my heart?
Tears filled up my eyes..
I can never understand how can anyone EVER
mistreat or torture their own kids..
Furthermore rape, especially those cases where
dad rape daughter, grandfather rape granddaughter,
father and son rape the own daughter..
Wtf is all those man..
When you see the newspaper you can always see
Kes Buang Bayi, Kes Dera, Kes Rogol..
Recently there are alot of cases of abandoning babies..
There's even a centre where you can leave "unwanted" babies..
I STRONGLY disagree..
It's like you are supporting them to throw the baby away..

"Go on, go have sex with anyone you meet on the street,
it's ok..doesn't matter if you use condom or not..
we will always be here for you if you get pregnant..
just abandon your flesh and blood here..
we will take care of them.. Just go ahead and have sex
anytime anywhere anyone.."

Wtf is all this man..
Can't believe there are actually people who abort their baby..
The only circumstances i can accept abortion is
if the baby is brain dead
the pregnancy brings harm to both mom & baby
you have some kind of fucking disease that will be passed down to the baby..
Please don't tell me you're still young,
if you know you are still young
what are you doing sleeping around?
It you only slept with your bf so what?
Take responsibility for your actions..
Everything has its pro and cons..
Financial problem?
If you can't afford condoms or pills DON'T have sex..
So afraid of getting pregnant but wants sex..
Abstinence is the best contraception product..
Not financially independent to raise a baby?
Give the baby away please..
I'd rather you give the baby away rather than killing it..
I will never believe when someone tells me
" i have to do this, i have no money"
There are so many government program
and organisation that can help..
If any of my friends EVER abort i will NEVER talk to them again..
If my friend tells me she wanna abort i will do
all my best to make sure she doesn't..
If she have no one to take care of the baby i am willing to do so..
Or the least you can do is to make sure
the baby is adopted by a good family..
How many couples out there wants kids but are not
able to have their own kids because of health problem..
And yet there you go killing a life because you
"cannot afford to have kids"..
How many parents/single parents
raised their kids single-handed-ly?

It's not about whether you can "afford",
it's about whether do you want to..
If you have already carved "i cannot raise this kid"
on your heart then you will never be able to raise the kid..

Sometimes I seriously hope,
all those women out there who have aborted their kids
can never get pregnant again..
It's mean and evil..
I know..
But have you ever thought about the baby when you aborted it?

Look at his face..
How can you ever think of killing him?

I really wanna have kids one day..
If i never get married or stuff like that,
i still wanna have kids..
I will adopt a baby or two if i can..
When you look at their face all your worries will fade away..
When you touch their skin, when you smell their scent..
When they laugh, when they smile at you..
When they sit up for the first time..
When they stand for the first times..
When they call you for the first time..
When they walk for the first time..
All this cannot be replaced..
You cannot imagine the joy when these thing takes place..

Their innocence..
Their naivety..
Their curiosity..
Their laughter..

When they grow older and start to talk..
You will be mesmerised by how funny the questions they ask..
And how they can sweet talk you..

Look at how tiny the baby is..
You were once this small too..
And your parents feed you and raised you up..

I'm not only against abortion..
I'm also very against those ungrateful childrens
who sends their parents to old folks home..
From one tiny life they feed you, took care of you,
send you to school, worry about you
and you repay them by sending them to old folks home..
I was watching tv the other day and i heard a TVC,
this dude said,
"Dalam haiwan tiada manusia,
tetapi dalam manusia ada haiwan"
It's not true actually..
What animals do you see abandoning their kids..
There's a chinese saying,
"No matter how bad the tiger is, it will never bite the kids"
So "haiwan" is better than manusia..

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