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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

shit faced

I've never seen anyone as stupid as her wtf..
I'm trying my best not to curse man..
If not i would've curse her whole family wtf..
We have 2 bills one is for terms one is for cash..
Cash is obviously for those who walk in and pay cash..
Terms is for those who pays monthly..
Any NORMAL human WITH brains can tell which is which
as the word CASH SALE is written on the front for cash..
And the other one there are company names written there.
Cash & Terms have different pricing obviously..
Told her so damn many times..
I was doing the invoice for cash bills
since it's already end of the month..
Asked her to write down the price on the terms bills
and count the total..
I asked her to do coz previously she had the prices correctly..
Who knows she's still as *** stupid as ever..
She changed ALL the TERMS prices to CASH price..
WTF!! Got a heart attack ok..
She seriously dumb until i dono how to say d la..
Just kill me
And 5mins later she ask me can she liquid it off..
I was like this is carbon copy la how you gonna liquid it off?
The other day she chop sign and receive wrong air-cond.
Everyone makes mistake right?
But she has been working for 1month and its her 3rd time wtf..

-Ceiling Exposed-
This is the damn freaking ugly (like her face wtf)
dai gao shui air-cond that the fella sent..

-Wall Mounted-
Whereas this is the one we ordered..
I can't believe that she actually chop & signed the Delivery Order wtf..
Big difference lor ok..
Seriously feel like slapping her wtf..
After she noticed her mistake what she did was just stand there..
Then decided to tell me in slow motion that she received the wrong one..
And she loves putting the blame on other people..
Someone kill me OR better yet, kill her!

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