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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sms for the win..

10 Reasons To Avoid Talking On The Phone
I don't really like to talk on the phone..
It doesn't give me time to think..

Prefer to sms much more than talking on the phone..
There's always "The awkward pause" in between..
If i'm sms-ing i can still watch tv and stuff..
But if i talk on the phone, the person on the other line
will know if am distracted..
and sms i can go toilet or bath or the same time..
if on the phone then its not possible..

Yesterday moonlight meeting again..
As usual there is Jackie, May yan, Karmen..
These days Mandy is too busy to entertain me.. T.T
Surprisingly Jian Pin showed up yesterday..
Lepak-ed for awhile..
They left at about 11..

Then Jackie called and then put me on hold wtf..
She hates to sms while i love to sms..
Hung up on her and sms her telling her i would call her back..
Called her at about 12++
I have such perfect timing, she just reached home..
Then talked for about 45mins and cibai Digi died on me..
It happens every single time..

Most probably they do that on purpose..
Knn..Seriously vomit blood..
Then Jackie called me back and we talked and laughed..
And we taught each other chinese words and english words..
She might've had hard attack if we continued on any longer..
We stopped at about 2am..
Afterwards i fell asleep so damn fast..
And almost woke up late..
But i'm still earlier than my bro..

Yesterday at work i taught colleague some spare parts..
It takes her less than 3minutes to forget all..
Not even one that she remembers wtf..
If she continues on this way i will have to talk to my boss..
"choose, me or her?"
I actually spelled taught as thought..
Wtf is wrong with me?!

My maths is so bad that even when i'm using
calculator i can get wrong answers..
i have to keep checking it over and over again..
So damn many times..
And my colleague is those kinda people who will never mention the main point..
Let's say she bought a cup of coffee,
then you ask where she bought that from..
She will answer you she walked 500m to a coffee shop,
but there's no coffee, then walked another 100m to buy newspaper,
and her friend called her for dinner..
But she will never answer you where she bought it from..
My bro is somewhat like her..
But in a much better way..
At least he not as stupid as her wtf..

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