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Thursday, 10 June 2010

sohai colleague

It seems like it's very hard for her to ask,
"may i know who is this?"
"you're calling from?"
"you are Miss/Mr?"
Just now she called a company and she didn't ask
who is the person who received the fax..
After she hung up i asked her who received it..
As usual her answer is "The Clerk"
Then i raise my voice and said must ask who that is,
she asked me "How to ask who is that?"
I told her so many times MUST ASK who's the person on the other end
now only she came and ask me "how to ask?"
Really make me feel like cursing at her face..
And Jackie send me a few words yesterday..
I think it might be a joke but its funny as hell..
She send some weird combinations and stuff which comp keyboard cant type out..
The meaning is
"Wtf!! u know or don't know de?!
I'm not ur mom le! U wan me to treat you like a baby ar?!
Said so many times already u still dono?!"
When i saw that i really beh tahan LOL..
And if my boss were to ask me how's her performance
i should tell the exact opposite and then i shall leave the company
and let them all die together.. wtf.. LOL..
halau her fast fast and make boss hire a leng lui,
and if there's a leng lui working here she'll come find me for lunch everyday..
she did came and look for me for lunch yesterday..
came to take some boxes..
reached here about 1+
She talked to my colleague and she almost died..
told Mrs boss I'm going for lunch @ 2..
Came back @ 3..
It was raining so damn freaking heavily..
In the end i got headache..
We had curry fish head which Jackie insist on paying..
and the dude didn't want my money =.=
Like my money not no value lidat..
She said i am so damn quiet..
and next time she won't look for me in the afternoon
coz usually when we meet at night i am very noisy..
And she taught me some "skills"..
When i was getting ready for bed,
she sms-ed me complaining..
Then sms-ed awhile i was thinking whether will she call..
In the end she did coz she get pissed off by sms-ing..
She called me at 1+ and talked for more than an hour..
Suddenly the line gets cut off..
Coz her battery is flat..
Just like the other time..
We were talking halfway and her battery died..
And she called me back and talked awhile more
about the plans for next friday..
Then when i was going to bed i noticed it was 2am..
Msg-ed Jas coz i didn't reply her msg earlier..
And she said "i wonder u all tgt izit"..
wtf =.="
seriously let her zadao lor ok..
And i almost cant wake up this morning wtf..

btw colleague talks to herself..
and smile to herself..
and i think i had too much coffee..
having sore throat now and i feel like vomitting
and i think i have fever..
Might visit the doc later..

And The Strange taught me
"air liur kau terbabas kat muka i"
Funny like shit..

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