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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No Med Can Cure

That is my "beloved" colleague..
She was sleeping on the job..
And in the first 2 photo she looks like she has been kidnapped..
She came late today..
20mins late and no explanation and shit stuff..
I think she tries her best everyday to try and give me heart attack ..
Seriously damn wtf..
*calls suicide hotline*

Usually when your're writing and you make a mistake,
you just draw a line over it..
But she love to repeatedly draw lines over it..
Seriously i damn hate it when she does this..
It's so damn annoying..
She's been working for about a month,
but it's still like she just started working 2 days ago..

i bought myself a pair of (night market) Crocs..
And everyone should read Xiaxue's Blog..
I used to think that she's just a bimbo,
and that her blog will suck..
But i've never read her blog before..
(mostly because it's in pink and i hate pink)
I just heard about her and Dawn Yang from other people..
I tried reading Dawn Yang before but seriously not as good as XX..
I like XX 2 recent posts..
One is on Hamsap Singapore guys that i totally agree..
And the other one is on the Gay Conversion..
I like most of her blog posts..
Read all about her love story of her and her cute hubbyMike..
I take back all the bad comments i said about her last time..
XiaXue rocks..

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