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Friday, 30 July 2010

Dilemma of the year wtf..

I have mentioned that i downloaded the
tone that Kim Possible used and i was using it as my message tone right?
I just downloaded the tone from Totally Spies also..
So now i don't know which one to use wtf

Jaslyn Khew said to me,
seriously.. u born in the year of 1990 or 2008?"

I WON RM250,000..

But before that...
I dl-ed Kim Possible tone..
The one where it beeps and she goes "What's the stitch"..
I feel surprisingly excited when my phone rings..
hahahahaha retard..
My neighbour's house is finally done and cemented..
Nicely done..

So now whenever I'm outside and she calls for me,
i can just squat down and hide from her
instead of running inside and falling flat on my face wtf..
Not like it has happened before la..
But accidents do happen..
FYI I'm not those kind of people who are anti social
and hates to talk to the neighbour..
She is those type of people who is seriously damn busybody..
She talks bad about everyone too..

Cute right? Cute right?
Yesterday went to the pasar malam to buy some food..
We (jas+me) saw these pau's and went
"damn cute aww" *pushes everyone away..
Hahahaha.. Actually we went over and see and bought it for Rm7..
The lady said her son is not making it anymore coz going to Taiwan..
They were on the paper! But it was last year end' paper..
For the first time i ate Korean rice cake..
And the dude that is selling seriously is a korean..
That rice cake thingy is quite nice wtf craving for more..
Oh i saw Pn.Carol Lau there..
She called me Sam hahaha..
And she remembered me adding her in Fb..
But up til now she didn't accept me =.="..

The Rm250,000 is a scam..
Or i think so la ok..
See the letter on the top left?
That was the first letter i received which was few days ago..
Then yesterday i received an email when i was at work..
I reached home and i saw a bunch of documents wtf..

(click to enlarge ya)

Sorry la need to censor the address..
What if i have a(few) stalkers?
Or someone thinks i really won the money and plans to rob me?
Think too much wtf..

This was the email..

I actually forgot to censor my address wtf..
Then i had to reupload lol..
I did not key in those..
It was already there when i clicked to this page..

NO,Don't say no...

I talked to my best friend regarding this..
And the results are,
1. This is a scam..
2. This is a scam..
3. This is a scam..
1. If this is real it would've been on the newspaper..
2. I don't even read Reader's Digest..
3. I looked at the website there is not traces of this contest or whatsoever..
4. On all the documents there is only one contact number
on one of the document there..
5. No one called to inform..
So yea it's a scam..

Thursday, 29 July 2010


This mornin my mama said my hair makes me look like i just wake up..
Coz the fringe was not pushed aside..
(Note to self:buy hair wax)

And this whole day i've been busy like hell..
Busy doing what?
Blog hopping..
Or to be more specific, blogshop hopping..
So excited to see watches, ring and stuff..
But too damn poor to buy all the stuff that i wanted..
See the bottom right hand side..
The link Blog Shop wasn't there before..
The Strange & The Retarded One thinks that i am crazy now..
I am a poor shopaholic man..
Must wait til next month only can go shop..
Now i am so damn poor that a beggar is richer than me..
Continue blogshop hopping..

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Back To Square One?

I saw something on a The Chronicles Of Retards today..

"You shouldnt consider yourself part of any religion,
even though you go to church/mosque/temple every week
BUT entertain alcohol regularly or conduct sexual activity with multiple people.

Do the bottles below look familiar? Are you holding one now?
dont bother with your so called "praying"."
So the very true..
I will not drink from now on..
(Yea right)..
I will try my best to not drink no matter how my friends
pester/force/threaten me to drink..
Oh my father would be so proud..

You freaking call me and said you are doing some kinda poll
and ask me to answer some shitty question..
Blardee numbskull hang up on me..
For the first time i actually decided to be nice and not hang up
or act like i don't understand and this is what i get..
After answering her dumb questions she asked for my name..
Note : she speaks with a VERY HEAVY China accent..
I said Lee knowing that she will probably won't know
how to spell my name anyways..
Then she asked me how to write..
As if la i know how to tell you how to write through the phone..
Gimme a paper, I CAN and WILL write it out..
It is also not my fault if my parents did NOT
send me to chinese schoold..
It is not my fault that you speak China mandarin
and not Malaysian mandarin or else i would've understood you..
It is also not my fault that you can't understand english to save your sorry ass..

Seriously it broke, not chipped..
Sounds damn bimbotic right?
For ranting about broken nail..
I grow my nails solely on one purpose..
Which is in-grown nail that sucks like crap..
Doctors advice if to let my nail grow long so that it cant 'eat' my flesh wtf..

My boss's friend just asked me if i got my license already LOL..
Such a nice guy, he went and buy stationary for my office wtf..
He's more like the boss of this company compared to my boss..
And he can really rap wrap presents and boxes..

Cheesy Pick Up Lines
- Am i dead angel, cause this must be heaven!
- Your must be Mickey because you're so fine *LMFAO* (refer to the disney song)
- I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away
- Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?
- Bond. James Bond
- Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your eyes
- If i followed you home, would you keep me?
- Is your daddy is terrorist? Because you are the bomb
- What's your perfume name? " Catch Of The Day " ?
- Something tells me you are sweet. Can i have a sample?
- Can i take your picture? I want Santa to know what i want for Xmas
- Good evening. May the thorn sit among the roses?
- Help, something's wrong with my eyes. I cant seem to take them off you
- I'm sick, my medicine is to speak to you
- You're like the dictionary. You add meaning to my life
- You are so hot that you make the Devil sweat.
- Pardon me miss. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can i have yours?
- So, you're a girl huh?
- They call me coffee. That's because i grind so fine.
- You're so hot your ass is on fire
- Help the homeless. Take me home with you.
- Hi. Are you legal?
- I love you, ya know.
- Are you gonna kiss me or am i gonna have to lie to my diary?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I got my P already..
Yesterday went to practice with auto car
and my mom was freaking out again LOL..

It seems like has changed to a new layout?
I have 2emails but how come one is still with the old layout
whereas the other one is the new layout?

I can use the messenger but it keeps crashing on me..
Sorry Christine..

My very orange pair of (pasar malam) Crocs..
Wore it to work yesterday..
Black and orange so do not match wtf..

Saturday morning around 8am..
Saturday at afternoon around 1.30pm..
Saturday evening around 6pm..
Sunday evening around 4pm..
My neighbour is renovating..
But only the outside la..
She said this to me,

Her : "You should've asked your friends to come over,
then we have more space (refer 1st pic)"
Me : *weak smile*

Every sunday (if i have no plans) i would follow my mom to the market..
Not by force well erm..
Sometimes i force my mom to wake me up lol wtf..
So yea..
For the first time i saw a dead fish with another fish in its mouth..
Means the fish died while it was eating..

See the little fish tail in the mouth..
When i told The Strange and The Retarded One about
the fish in another fish thingy they were so excited and
asked me if i took pictures..

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Anyone seeing the words like this?
My mom hit me with the car yesterday..
But not those BAM! type la..
I'm just dramatic..
And she almost ran me over again this morning wtf..
She hates me that much..
LOL just joking..

Tonight go home and pester my parents to let me practice driving..
Don't worry i won't hit anyone/car/things..

Friday, 23 July 2010


I'm 20 and i cant differentiate owen and microwave..
Ada hati nak belajar culinary arts lagi tu..

Here is The Strange trying to explain to me..

emily: oven is the one you have at home.
to toast bread.
microwave is to "ting" your food.
me: small wan is microwave la?
emily: hello microwave also can be big wtf
microwave inside got nothing wtf.
except a plate that turns 360
oven has lights (to make the oven hot) and like those..
thing.i dunno what isit call
a metal wtf up...

emily: i think my mom exp is better
AM: oven can only bake or roast or grill and has the heating rod.

Microwave can do many things and using radioactive wave to cook.
Actually it is no good in long run =X

...gave up...

emily: me: she cant diffrentiate both
even though i have googled images for her
AM: ok. Oven door do not have any hook
- just push to close and pull to open.

Microwave got button to push.


Still can't really differentiate wtf..
What's wrong with me..
The people i hang with (online)..

My boss went out ok..
Oh she just came down and find for some files..
She was decently dressed,
not sweaty or smelling weird..
Exactly how she look like when she went up..

Recently i keep getting hiccups wtf..
sings*Bounce, like your ass had the hiccups.
Bounce like we was ridin' in my pickup~ wtf*

and my dad thinks desperate housewife is bad..
I AM 20 OK!?!
Yesterday i mentioned to my sister that i have to watch the repeat of
Desperate Housewife coz i missed it the other day..
What he said was "(in hokkien) Very nice meh?
Teach people bad stuff, even have lesbian"
I was like o.O||

BTW Jaslyn so tak tau malu..
She calls herself Jaslyn Is A Cutie on her gmail.. lol


Woman jailed for sex with son

PONTIAC (Michigan) - A DETROIT-AREA woman who pleaded guilty to having sex with the biological son she gave up for adoption and later tracked down on the Internet has been sentenced to nine years to 30 years in prison.

Thirty-six-year-old Aimee L. Sword of Waterford Township apologised at her sentencing Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court.

She had pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in a deal with prosecutors.

Police say Sword used Facebook in 2008 to find her son, who's now 16. She gave him up for adoption as an infant.

He testified they had sex in Waterford Township and Grand Rapids.

Waterford Township is 50km north-west of Detroit. -- AP

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Sometimes i hate my boss sooooo much
that i feel like cursing him and his ancestors in his face..
Nags as much as my dad (or worse)..
Yesterday i drove my dad's Waja around
the housing area..
Well more like one round la..
I can only get my hands on the P like next week..
So i cannot drive far yet..
I wanna drive........................
But i think i will start to hate driving once
my parents ask us to run errands..

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


My tongue is itchy like hell..
I have liquid flowing out of my left nostril..
Like all those free flow drinks wtf..
Every time i have sore throat i feel like vomiting
and also keep eating spicy food wtf..
I hate people who spell soar throat wtf..
And i just lao sai-ed for like the 3rd or 4th time..
I've minor fever now..

Mr Nephew..
He's like 3months old..
and kiut..
But he's not mine..
He belongs to The Strange..

She belongs to me..
I'm talking about other people's kids
like they're some kind of belongings wtf..
I'm pretty.......
Pretty bored lately..
Wallet dried up so can't go out..
Nothing to blog about lor recently..
Besides getting annoyed by my stupid brother every day..
Seriously i wonder what's his problem..
Sometimes he's even more sensitive than a female dog..
Damn it..
Worse than me..
And I'm the so called most mood swing person in the house..
Feel like slapping the crap out of him at times..

Kenny Kwan is gay..
and his gay partner is
Jeng Jeng Jeng...
Hins Cheung wtf..

I used to ( well still do) think that Kenny is super cute..
And Hins have an amazing vocal..
Actually i found out about this when my sister smsed me this morning
after reading the chinese newspaper..
(Chinese newspaper = Gossip non-stop
whereas Malay newspaper is all about sex..
It's true and you know it)
I tried to it but too bad the stupid
Terminator X crashed my browser..
I also found out today that i can't read online news wtf..
Anyways i'm not a big fan..
Just shocked..
Well not really la..
I just wanna mention the word GAY on my blog wtf..
And i'm really really really bored..
I have nothing to blog about besides nothing wtf..
And i've known Jaslyn Khew for 6years already..
Wow it's been such a long time since we
bullied Yong May Yan..

Quite cute right?
The Strange says lose point coz of the Bieber hair wtf..

Jolin & also Ding Dang's new songs sucks to the max..
And i wonder why would she call herself Ding Dang?

She named herself after this?
I always buy this for my cousins (and myself sometimes)..
But at times i buy the bigger one for myself..
I also freaking hate the stupid banci song
and every other stupid jingle that goverment come up with
for their programs..
Lame like hell ok..
I feel like smashing the radio whenever their songs come up..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I Passed (like finally)

This morning i got nose bleed before i had breakfast wtf..
And i bleed through my breakfast
and it only stopped after i reach my office..
Then i went and have curry for my lunch..
So i'm having sore throat now..
Body too heaty..
I think my nose bleed coz i had VERY thick milo..
Last night..
Before bed time..
So yeah..
Other people have period once a month,
my nose bleed once a month..

Yesterday i passed my driving test..
All 3 of us did not bribe ok..
This morning my Mrs.Boss asked me,
"Passed already?"
So i was like yeah i passed..
What she said was
"Finally passed? hahhahahahahahahaha"..
I am a legal driver now :D
The first thing i did was to claim my lolipop from The Strange..
But she told me she ate it coz she was emo the other day..
Oh and when i reach home after the test yesterday,
my mom told us about a dream she had..
She dreamt that my bro SECRETLY drove
with me all the way to Johor..
And when we came back the front and rear bumper was like
broken and dropping off or something..
My dad couldn't agree any faster..
He said it's true coz me and my bro are always up to no good..
What parents..

Oh i accidentally hung up on a customer wtf..
He called and asked for Mrs.Boss..
So i told him to hold and
instead of passing the line i hung up wtf wtf..
What the hell is wrong with me..

Q - How do you make Lady Gaga cry?
A - Poke Her Face..
I laugh everytime i hear this hahahaha..
And the commercial i saw the other day was from Halls and not Mentos..

p/s : Jaslyn Khew you owe me sweet.. :D

Update : a dude just called me xiao mei wtf..
The next person who calls me xiao mei or whatever
that is of the same meaning will eat dust..

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Last Night,

I cut my own hair..
Actually just one small part..
Above my ears and fringe..
Fringe is getting too long..
Feel like taking hairstyling class..
And also chinese class..

Grandma : Wing buy what car?
Parents : He bought a Celica..
Grandma : Why they call it Chilly Car?

Saw that when i was browsing through a blog..
Me being me forgot which blog it was..
Old people..
Oh oh yesterday i was listening to one korean song
from the band 2NE1..
The song was Fire or something there this dance, it was really stupid..
And the lead singer is called CL and
she is cock eyed..
So i tried to imitate her wtf..
My sis laughed like a crazy person and suggested,
" Eh do that again, I'll record and post on YouTube
and you'll be famous"

Btw there is this new tvc..
From Mentos if i'm not mistaken..
OMG funny sial..
I was laughing like a banshee so damn loud wtf..
And my mom stared at me like i lost my mind..
So now i'm looking forward too seeing that tvc again..
New goal in my life wtf..

Friday, 16 July 2010

I wanna eat ice-cream..

Zee - Easy But Lonely..

-Leng Zai-
People these days too damn free d la..

This few days GChat keeps on DC-ing me..
"We're experiencing technical difficulties that may
prevent your chats from being sent."

Shit you la Gmail..

I wanna get the razor comb la..
Where to find in Malaysia?

I shall distract myself with youtube from now on..
Coz i didn't even notice it was already 4pm..

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I want

A new phone or a camera..
Coz 2mp does no justice to ICity..
I wanna go again la so nice..

2Mp really do no justice..

LOL x 100000000
LOL x 10000000000000000