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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

ah crap!

I wanna watch this game..
But cannot watch wtf..
2.30am le how to watch?
You think i no need to work wan izit?
Maybe i can sleep at 8pm then wake up at 230 to watch..
Not a bad idea..
Just in case i can't wake up,
*prays for Germany*

This is what we do everyday..
Chat and talk crap..
Telling each other lame stuff..
Picking on each others nose spelling error wtf..
And i totally forgot the word 'whose' existed wtf..
I almost type "whos is that"
I need to brush up on my english..
While i'm at that i should take chinese classes too..
I wanna be able to read and write chinese..T.T

I'm gonna die soon wtf..
Ordered McD..
I wanted to skip lunch today..
But ended up =.="

Went to google something yesterday..
I forgot what that was..
But don't worry it's not porn..
(old people is lidat wan la)
And the first thing that came up when i type 2011 is,
2011 Chinese New Year..
Looks like i'm not the only person who looks forward to Cny every year..
Which by the way is on 3rd February..

One lady came in and talked to me like i can't understand english..
she's the one who slur when she talk and not me ok..
stupid biatch..


My first attempt to draw map using paint..LOL
To save your eyes please don't click on it..
It looks nicer this way..
I tried to copy how the real one looks like..
Hence the pink colour..
It's the map to Dessert Bro in Ss2..
Went there again yesterday..
My watermelon ice-cream..
Guess what? muahahahaha..
I'm using my colleague's computer to blog..
Coz just now when i was blogging halfway my computer exploded..
It was raining so damn heavily..
And the thunder omg..
Suddenly boom..
No electricity..
I thought it might be the main switch but i didn't know where it was wtf..
Then my boss came back and flip it on..
2 of the Cut out fuse was burnt wtf..
When i tried to on my computer the screen is blank..
The cpu is ok but the screen is blank..
So yea i'm using the stupid fella's computer to finish this post..
First no Facebook and now this..
I can't even rant about the stupid fella anymore..
And it's only 240pm.

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