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Tuesday, 6 July 2010


-Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians-
See if anyone you know is on the blog..
I saw Lim Kok Wing LOL..

Had dinner yesterday with Jackie, May Yan,
Jaslyn, Joyce, Nic and Jian Pin..
As usual we went to this place in Ss2..
Until today i don't know what's the name wtf..
So after that went to the pasar malam..
Then to Dessert Bro..
Had watermelon ice cream again..
I had 3 ice cream yesterday..
One during lunch..
One when i was on the way to Jaslyn' house..
One at Dessert Bro..
Went home at about 1030..
And started doing glitter art wtf..
Damn childish..
I thought my dad bought it for my cousins..
But when i reached home i saw my siblings halfway through wtf..
Actually i donno what to call it..
It's like one piece of plastic then you fill the glitter in..
My mom might've regretted giving birth to the 3 of us wtf..
Average age of 20 but still acting like small kids..
Btw Jackie is in my office..
But her phone keeps going off..
I'm having headache now..
Feel like puking wtf..
Let's end this here..

and my boss just nagged me for drinking gassy drink..
i bought one for lunch and Jackie bought one for me..
Gonna get diabetes soon wtf..
no more ice cream..T.T

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