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Thursday, 1 July 2010


Feel like eating Honey Stars with Milo..
I think i'm turning colour blind wtf..
Sometimes i see black colour as green..
And today i'm seeing black as brown..
As i type in black words i'm seeing it as brown wtf..

My water bottle looks so clean and nice today..
This morning complained to Mrs.Boss..
But no difference..
Coz Mrs.Boss nag/scold her in the room..
So i can't hear anything..
And colleague is still as slow/retarded as ever..

I'm hoping i get paid today man..
Parents might be going down to Johor tonight..
So if i get paid i wanna go sing k on Sunday..

I have this habit of buying bags but never use wtf..
But luckily i don't buy loads of bags like normal girls do..
Actually i think i only like buying bags wtf..
Coz i damn lazy to carry bags..
And i have nothing to put in wtf..
I'm used to having phone in my pockets
and wallet in my back pocket..
If i can't feel my wallet in my back pocket i will think it's stolen..

Seriously cannot stop myself from ranting about my stupid colleague..
There was this guy who came looking for my boss..
I was eating so i asked her to intercom my boss to see if he's in the room..
If he is just tell him that this guy is here..
But instead she intercom and he picked up
the first thing she asked is "are you in the office?"..
Err hello?! wtf??
If he's not in the office how the hell is he supposed to pick up?
How can anyone be so dumb?

I'm so damn pissed at her i forgot what i wanted to blog about..
And for the past weeks I've been reading
So funny la she..

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