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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I failed again..
Will be paying another 150..
Next Monday will have to retake the test again..
I swear its not my problem ok..
Even my boss agrees the problem is not me..
And my sis face the same problem as me..
So the problem is not us..
It's the car that they use..
So many people fail ok..
All thanks to the car they used..
Last Saturday me and my sis went to for one hour extra lesson..
It was raining profusely but we did everything PERFECTLY..
(first time driving in the rain)
My stupid L license is gonna expire on the 27th..
Btw, after the lesson on sat went to dinner with my family..
Planned to go for dinner @ Sunway..
But there was too many people there coz of the rain..
We ended up going for Tasty Pot steamboat @ I City wtf..
We reached there about 9++..
Almost died of hunger ok..
And that was the first time i ate oyster wtf..
I was so damn bloated after dinner ok..
Ate so much ice cream XD..
Then went to talk around..
ICity was so nice la..
The lights and everything..
Walked around and reached home at about 1am i think..

When i came back from the driving test
went to bath had lunch then took a nap..
I dreamt when i was sleeping..
There's this guy that i kinda dislike..
In my dream everyone in my family is liking him so much..
Everything that he say/do is right..
In their eyes nothing he do can go wrong lor..
Even my aunt is supporting him wtf..
This other person that i kept trying to talk to is
avoiding/ignoring me..
And that asshole kept blocking me from talking to the other fella..
I was so damn freaking pissed ok..
That ass still can act nice and talk to me..
He was saying things like,
"Can I help you?"
"What can i do to make you feel better?"
While putting his hard on my arm not the molesting way of course..
Wtf?! Even more pissed..
Seriously feel like beating the crap out of him..
I answered him "Don't Touch Me!!"..
After i woke up i was feeling damn pissed off ok..
Even when i was going out for dinner i feel annoyed..
Up till now i still feel damn freaking annoyed and pissed wtf..
Cannot disclose their identity here..
For those who know please keep quiet..
For those who doesn't but still wanna know,
ask me when you see me or ask me on msn/gmail/sms wtf..
Even though it was just a dream i totally hate him now..

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