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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Good News Vs Bad News..

Good News,
My colleague QUIT!
Damn happy wtf..
This morning Mrs.Boss told me saturday is her last day..
Finally no need to see her face..
Bad news is i need to work alone..
And there will be no one for me to boss around :x

Good News,
Mrs.Boss bought a new monitor..
Bad news,
i had to put it up myself wtf..
Yesterday she ask me to test my CPU using
my colleague' monitor..
So i had to take out and put it back..
The other bad news is the monitor is too small wtf..
The previous wan was like 21 or bigger..
This is only 16.8..
And it's shaped like a rectangle..
Everything looks fat and short to me now..
And it makes me dizzy wtf..
Should've fix this at the other computer..
Damn it..

Next monday taking my driving test for the second time..
If this time the car cause me to fail again,
i will burn down the whole Jpj wtf..
(just joking,if it really gets burned down pls don't find me..tq)
I must pass la..
Seriously damn sia sueh if i failed for the second time..

This few days keep feel like eating Mee Jawa..
I asked my parents to go Ss2 to eat Mee Jaya..
And my sis said for sure i will wanna go Dessert Bro after dinner..
Dad said i would ask to go pasar malam after dinner..

I'm gonna eat some octopus tonight..
Stupid Paul The Octopus..
Damn it..
How can Germany lose?!?!?!?!?!?!
By eating his relatives..
(wtf damn childish)

Wonder how those people who tow car
finds the car that they need to tow wtf..
Seriously damn chunted la them..
Maybe they put tracking device in the car..

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