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Wednesday, 21 July 2010


My tongue is itchy like hell..
I have liquid flowing out of my left nostril..
Like all those free flow drinks wtf..
Every time i have sore throat i feel like vomiting
and also keep eating spicy food wtf..
I hate people who spell soar throat wtf..
And i just lao sai-ed for like the 3rd or 4th time..
I've minor fever now..

Mr Nephew..
He's like 3months old..
and kiut..
But he's not mine..
He belongs to The Strange..

She belongs to me..
I'm talking about other people's kids
like they're some kind of belongings wtf..
I'm pretty.......
Pretty bored lately..
Wallet dried up so can't go out..
Nothing to blog about lor recently..
Besides getting annoyed by my stupid brother every day..
Seriously i wonder what's his problem..
Sometimes he's even more sensitive than a female dog..
Damn it..
Worse than me..
And I'm the so called most mood swing person in the house..
Feel like slapping the crap out of him at times..

Kenny Kwan is gay..
and his gay partner is
Jeng Jeng Jeng...
Hins Cheung wtf..

I used to ( well still do) think that Kenny is super cute..
And Hins have an amazing vocal..
Actually i found out about this when my sister smsed me this morning
after reading the chinese newspaper..
(Chinese newspaper = Gossip non-stop
whereas Malay newspaper is all about sex..
It's true and you know it)
I tried to it but too bad the stupid
Terminator X crashed my browser..
I also found out today that i can't read online news wtf..
Anyways i'm not a big fan..
Just shocked..
Well not really la..
I just wanna mention the word GAY on my blog wtf..
And i'm really really really bored..
I have nothing to blog about besides nothing wtf..
And i've known Jaslyn Khew for 6years already..
Wow it's been such a long time since we
bullied Yong May Yan..

Quite cute right?
The Strange says lose point coz of the Bieber hair wtf..

Jolin & also Ding Dang's new songs sucks to the max..
And i wonder why would she call herself Ding Dang?

She named herself after this?
I always buy this for my cousins (and myself sometimes)..
But at times i buy the bigger one for myself..
I also freaking hate the stupid banci song
and every other stupid jingle that goverment come up with
for their programs..
Lame like hell ok..
I feel like smashing the radio whenever their songs come up..

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